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Can You Build A Team That Tops This Nashville Predators Lineup?

This little game has been circulating around, so we thought we would apply it to the Preds.

Harry How/Getty Images

Yesterday, The Ringer published an article asking people to try and build a team that could beat the now even more loaded Golden State Warriors but there was a catch, you could only spend $15.

The Predators have already been declared the NHL's version of the Warriors, so we decided to put our own little spin on this game.

Nobody knows what Nashville's top-line or top defensive pairing could look like this season and yes we know that the 'first-line' and the 'top pairing' doesn't start every contest, but for the sake of this game we'll go with the following lineup:

James Neal - Ryan Johansen - Filip Forsberg

Roman Josi - P.K. Subban

Pekka Rinne

On paper, that is without a doubt one of the top starting six in all of the NHL (assuming Pekka Rinne returns to "average").

Subban and Josi fall into the $5 category; Forsberg, Johansen and Neal all are worth $3 and Rinne is worth $2.

That's a total of $21. Let's see the best six-man team you'd put up against Nashville's top-five skaters and Rinne with a $21 cap. If you're feeling really confident, try to build a six-man group with a $20 cap. Let us have it in the comments section below.