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Check Out The New Suiting Collection By Designer P.K. Subban

The Preds’ handsomeness/60 is just off of the charts.

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Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

P.K. Subban has style, we already knew that, and now men around the world can dress like him as the former Norris Trophy winner has dropped his first-ever suiting collection in collaboration with RW&CO.

His new clothing lineup is described as “elegant and sharp with a polished cool twist. the line features 6 suits, 8 shirts, belts, cufflinks, tie bars and hats to complete a #pkapproved head to toe look.”

Do you want a P.K. Subban athletic two-tone blazer? Who wouldn’t? It’ll cost you a smooth $329.00. Maybe you don’t need an athletic style blazer, perhaps you’re more of a tweed blazer type of guy? Grab a grey one for $269.00.

You can check out the lookbook here, which features not only him but his two brothers - Malcolm of the Boston Bruins and Jordan of the Vancouver Canucks - modeling some of the suits.

Via RW&CO.

Wait, haven’t we seen that jacket before? Oh, that’s right, our buddy Jason Zito rocked it during the All-Star Game festivities in Columbus a couple of years back.

Subban’s may be a bit cleaner and a bit newer, but props to Jason on being well ahead of the curve.

Subban and RW&CO will be showing off the new line at a fashion show tonight and you can catch all the action on Facebook Live.