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Roman Josi Chats About P.K. Subban Trade, Getting Over Game Seven Loss & More

Roman Josi joined Scott Burnside of ESPN and discussed how he found out about the Subban - Weber swap and getting over the game seven loss to San Jose.

Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Roman Josi joined Scott Burniside of ESPN on the Hockey Today podcast and spoke on a whole number of things on Monday including the upcoming season and thoughts on the P.K. Subban for Shea Weber swap.

About his summer, his off season and his workout regiment:

“Most of the off season I spend in Bern [Switzerland] with my family and friends. I took a couple of weeks off after the season, but got to Bern and started working out again in the gym and skated once a week then really started skating three weeks ago with the home town team here; basically now I’m skating everyday of the week.”

How long it took to get over the loss to the Sharks in game seven:

“It took me a while. We were very close to getting to the third-round and thought we had a really good series against Anaheim. There was a lot of tight games and a lot of emotions. It took a while to get over it.”

The toughness to think about “that could be us playing in the Finals”:

“I think it’s the same for every team. I think every team who makes it to the playoffs has a chance to win. There are always a couple of bounces that decide things. San Jose, they are a great team and they deserved to be in the Finals. We were close, but something was missing and hopefully we can go further next year.”

Thoughts about the Subban trade:

“I was actually on the phone when it happened then I got off and had a bunch of texts so I knew something big was happening. It was obviously a big deal and big surprise for everyone; I was kind of shocked at first. Shea was a really good friend and it was sad to see a guy like him go. We’re all excited to have P.K. in Nashville. He’s a tremendous player and I’m excited to play with him next year.”

On getting to know Subban and how he fits in Nashville:

“I got to know him at the All-Star game last year and we got along really well. He’s a great guy and obviously a great player and I think he is going to fit really well in Nashville. With our coach, he wants to play a skating and fast paced game and I think that is exactly how P.K. plays.”

If Subban is the best singer in the Preds’ locker room:

“I don’t know, we’ve got some really good singers. Mike Fisher is really good, he’s got a great voice and it’s nice to listen to him when he’s singing. He’s got some tough competition, but I saw his concert at Tootsies and he was good too. We’ve got a couple of guys that can sing really well.”

Reminder, we’re 31 days away from the start of training camp.

You can listen to the full episode, here, as Josi talks about the World Cup of Hockey as well.