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2016 World Cup of Hockey

All the coverage you need on the first annual 2016 World Cup of Hockey from Toronto.

Ekholm Named To Team Sweden, Joins Forsberg For World Cup of Hockey

Matty Ice and Fil The Thrill are joining forces for beloved Sweden in this tournament that nobody really knows what to expect.

Shea Weber to Canada's World Cup of Hockey Roster

Sicamouse, B.C will once again be proud.

Josi Is On Team Europe's World Cup Roster

The Swiss defenseman will be one of the biggest pieces on the team.

Mattias Ekholm Misses Out on Call from Sweden

It's not a surprise, but the Nashville defender has at least grown his stock over the past few years.

This stream has:

2016 World Cup of Hockey: Full Coverage

Everything you need to know about the tournament in one place.

Forsberg Named to Sweden's World Cup Roster

Just like we all expected.

Pekka Rinne on Finland's World Cup Roster

Your favorite Finnish netminder will be gracing ESPN at the beginning of next fall.