The case for trading Ryan Ellis

Let me be perfectly clear - I love this guy. He is the definition of a Predator - 100% effort, plays smart, uses his body well. However the upcoming expansion draft changes everything - we can keep four defensemen, Pekka and four centers/wingers or we can keep three defensemen, Pekka and seven offensemen. To me the choice is clear - trade Ellis for value before the deadline. If we're going to lose him why not get value? There's probably about 30 teams that would love to have him on their blue lines.

Why? Because we will surely lose Arvidsson in the draft - you can bank on it. With names like Carrier, Fabbro, Daugherty and Elliott in the farm system there is plenty of depth at the position. Trading Ellis and a prospect for the likes of Matt Duschene accomplishes two things - it gets us more offense and it allows us to leverage our depth on defense. I would like to do this sooner as opposed to later as the Preds are in a tight playoff race. Pull the trigger Mr. Poile!

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