Help me root for the Predators - New to Hockey!

I'm not into hockey, I never have been. I want to be though. Its a great sport, I never played it growing up or really knew anyone who did which is why I never cared for it. I've also wanted to live in Nashville for a while now.

So anyway, I want to like Hockey and I like Nashville so it's a natural fit. What do I need to know about the predators to be a good fan? Help me out! I'll do my own research of course, I wouldn't be lazy about joining a fanhood, just looking for a crash course. Someone to give me the highlights and lowlights.

I know the basics of the sport and know who the big names are currently and historically so I'm looking more for a reason to love this team and city!

I've visited once and loved it, it's definitely a place I want to go back to, unlikely that I'll ever move there though so this is how I can live there vicariously!

P.S. I live in Colorado so the natural team for me would be the Avs but I just don't love Denver teams, any ammo you have as a reason to not like them would be appreciated too.


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