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Predators in the Wild: First Edition

OTF’s first Nashville Predators social media round-up.

If you’ve been a long time fan of the Predators or you’re just now joining in, one thing you’ve probably noticed is the amount of personality this team oozes. If you’ve only been exposed to their on-ice or organized team antics I’m here to grace you with their social media highlights.

We’re half-way through the season which makes this the perfect time to recap what our favorite big cats have been up to since the off-season.

I give to you some of the social media personalities of our favorite Nashville hockey players.

The Reigning King

P.K. dubbed himself “The Subbanator” and the NHL is rolling with it for their Hollywood themed All-Star Game Weekend.

While the rest of the team has a knack for going on social media black-outs (to the point of if they’re not in the line-up you question their whereabouts and well being) you can always count on Subban to liven up your news feeds.

Whether he’s hanging out with T.I. ...

About last night... #ATL

A photo posted by P.K. Subban (@subbanator) on

Kickstarting the most hype the Titans have seen in years (sorry, but you know it’s true)...

There's a time and place to get silly.... ☝ ️☝

A video posted by P.K. Subban (@subbanator) on

Doing Halloween the way we all wished we could do Halloween...

Favourite holiday of the year #purplerain

A photo posted by P.K. Subban (@subbanator) on

Or just saving the world one good cause at a time...

I’m proud to be featured in @mend_nashville ’s #UnsilencetheViolence campaign - out now!! #pkapproved

A video posted by P.K. Subban (@subbanator) on

P.K. Subban is the reigning king of Predator’s social media. The team was spunky before, but Subban has brought out the personality in some of the quieter Predators. Only time will tell if someone will dare to take his Insta-throne.

Thanks P.K. for giving us the social media life we didn’t know we were missing.

The Prince

Filip Forsberg is pure class...even when losing bets to Ryan Johansen...

Tough loss for team Sweden in the world juniors last night, but time to man up, a bet is a bet @ryanjohansen92

A video posted by Filip Forsberg (@forsbergfilip) on

Or taking strolls through EA Sports...

Or winning over the nerd community at Halloween...

I am Groot and Ironman were a perfect fit last night ❤️

A photo posted by Filip Forsberg (@forsbergfilip) on

Thanks for classing up our feeds Fil.

The Artist Creative

No, really, the man’s bio is “James Neal - I am Creative”. He might be hateful-revenge goal scoring-Sith Lord-James Neal on ice, but in reality he just really loves his dogs.

The Joey

My boyyy

A photo posted by Ryan Johansen (@ryanjohansen92) on

Me and my snowflake #ace

A photo posted by Ryan Johansen (@ryanjohansen92) on

‘Nuff said.

Throwback Thursday

The young guns might have Instagram on lock, but there was a time when Twitter was a diamond in the rough that provided hockey social media gold.

Alright, to be fair it still is, but there was a time where Captain Mike Fisher didn’t belong to the Instagram world. He was a simple man in the Twitter-verse that liked to hunt, fish, and troll the hell out of his teammates.

Yes, that is a memorial to commemorate the end of former teammate Rich Clune’s time on Twitter as @RichCluneShow. He’s still on Twitter, but apparently Cap’n Fisher was devastated anyways. Troll on Cap, troll on.

If you’re overwhelmed just know this has only been the tip of the iceberg. A toe into the pool of social media greatness provided by our favorite Nashville hockey team.

It only gets sillier from here.