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Your Guide to the 2017 All-Star Game

It’s not nearly as compelling as holding the event in our own backyard, but there are always reasons to watch.

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NHL: All Star Game Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Opening Festivities

The event kicks off this evening at 8:30 PM central with "NHL100 presented by GEICO" (the final 67 of “100 Greatest NHL Players presented by Molson Canadian”). The attending greats will all be wearing special jackets just for the occasion. Nashville’s own David Poile, along with 57 other hockey dignitaries had a hand in selecting the list. You can watch the action on NBCSN.

The Skills Competition

They’re taking away the breakaway challenge and adding in another skill contest. P.K. Subban remains the reigning champion of the nixed event, but he was positive about the change. The real reason to watch is all the players hanging out on the ice with their cell phones being fans just like us, anyway. You can get a breakdown of the events here and tune in on Saturday at 6:00 PM central on NBCSN.

The All-Star Game

With last year’s success with the new 3-on-3 format, they’re rolling it out again to the delight of some of the players:

You do you, dude.

They have some splashy jerseys modeled on the Kings’ historical colors, although they could be arranged by division a bit better. You can watch the game on NBC at 2:30 PM central to see which team wants to win $1,000,000 the most.