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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Won’t Back Down

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The banner was raised, goals were scored, wheels came off, wheels were put back on, and the Nashville Predators won their home opener. It was a mess, but it was #glorious!

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NHL: Philadelphia Flyers at Nashville Predators Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Predators vs. Flyers: Nashville roars back to win in final minute | The Tennessean
Scott Hartnell is here to heal the James Neal sized hole in our hearts.

I can live with this. Welcome back Scotty!!!!

Getting to know the competition: Nashville Predators | Broad Street Hockey
Alex (Hi Alex!) dropped by Broad Street Hockey to talk about the Preds and the Flyers prior to...whatever it was that happened last night. I think it was a hockey game. Still trying to compute.

Predators: Trace Adkins latest country star to sing national anthem | The Tennessean
The party never stops in Smashville and the banner raising was no exception.

Nashville Predators 6, Philadelphia Flyers 5: Forsberg, Hartnell Lead Comback | On the Forecheck
One - Fil unleashing his inner goal scoring Prince early is exactly what this team needs. Two - How good was Samuel Girard in his NHL debut? 3 - HOW GOOD WAS SAMMY G IN HIS NHL DEBUT?!?!

But seriously, who’s roster spot is he taking?

Hockey News & Notes

NHL -- Following tragedy, Vegas trip takes on new meaning for players | ESPN
All hockey alliances aside, the Golden Knights hot streak is doing all kinds of great things for Las Vegas. I’m glad to see everyone standing with them. #VegasStrong

Las Vegas hockey team honoring city for home opener Tuesday night | ABC Action News
Vegas replaced all the advertisements on their boards with #VegasStrong banners and honored all 58 victims of the shooting before the game. The Coyotes stood with them in solidarity during the tribute. It wasn’t about hockey, it was about the city healing and it was absolutely moving.

ESPN hires former Yahoo writer/editor Greg Wyshynski to lead hockey coverage | Awful Announcing
Greg Wyshynski is here to make ESPN relevant again! Or at least try. That’s a tall order, but if anyone can tackle it, or at least righten the ship, it’s Greg.

Islanders committed to building arena at Belmont Park |
All team alliances aside, as a hockey fan, please get the Isles out of the Barclays Center! Seriously, two more seasons there is two too many.

The Penguins' focus on White House visit tradition overstates history |
Just when you thought Sidney Crosby couldn’t become anymore just painful, painful will do it. “It’s not about politics that’s for sure” for a white, male, Canadian who makes millions of dollars a year...I’m sure nothing is political.

Meanwhile this photo of Bettman, Sullivan, and Crosby looks like Two-Face, The Penguin, and the Joker are about to hold a press conference trying to convince Gotham City to turn against Batman.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images