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Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Ouchies

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It looks like Nashville has joined the seemingly large number of teams inordinately banged up for five games into the season.

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NHL: Nashville Predators at Pittsburgh Penguins Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Smashville News:

Has Fiala played center before? Who will take the faceoff? This is very odd. Bring up Freddy - there must be a locker available!

Preds Practice Ponderings: Oct. 16 |
Yes we are improving in every game. However, we are also dropping like flies. Maybe we can improve with fewer injuries, k?

Predators: Pekka Rinne has shrinking window to win in Nashville | Tennessean
"The veteran goaltender's contract expires at the end of next season." Let's make #winoneforpekka a thing.

And this just in...(Sorry, but these dogs crack me up - for more Preds and pups check out the Predators twitter.)


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Central Division News:

Minnesota Wild forward Charlie Coyle out 6-8 weeks with broken leg |
"The Minnesota Wild lost three forwards to injuries in their 5-2 win Friday over the Blackhawks. Charlie Coyle is out 6-8 weeks with a broken leg. Nino Niederreiter suffered an ankle sprain, and Marcus Foligno suffered a broken facial bone." The Minnesota Wild have a case of the ouchies too.

Blues' production heading downhill | St. Louis Blues |
"Season is young, but several problems have become evident." LOL Saint Louis, their opening pace was not sustainable, especially with their injuries.

Other Hockey News:

Yeah, Connor McDavid got faster over the summer. And he’s not finished yet | The Hockey News
Interesting read. Be scawed NHL - be vewy, vewy scawed.

Why isn't Toronto Maple Leafs Auston Matthews a bigger star in the NHL? |
Seemed right to follow a Connor McDavid story with an Auston Matthews story. It's hard for me to believe people in Scottsdale don't recognize him.

Rumor Roundup: What will the Canadiens do with Alex Galchenyuk? | The Hockey News
Alex Galchenyuk - 2017's Matt Duchene. Poor kid, it's gonna be a long year for him.

Karlsson to make season debut for Senators |
"Defenseman Erik Karlsson will play his first game of the season when the Ottawa Senators face the Vancouver Canucks Tuesday." He's Baaack!

Chemistry undeniable for Stamkos, Kucherov |
Look out Eastern conference. If Steven Stamkos can stay healthy the Tampa Bay Lightning are coming!

PHT Power Rankings: Making sense of the early standings | ProHockeyTalk
"We kick off our first Power Rankings of the season trying to figure out which teams are actually good and which teams are not." Well, NBCSports still has faith in us. In Dallas not so much.

What is the Golden Knights mascot? Five facts about gila monsters |
I've seen a Gila Monster. That is not a Gila Monster. My first thought was a yellow Thing from Fantastic Four. Or Barney with a skin disorder. Thank goodness for Gnash.