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Friday’s Dump & Chase: Hungry Like the Wolf

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Pekka Rinne gets his first shutout of the season. Meanwhile Colton Sissons scored the game-winning goal and no one questioned it. What a time to be alive!

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NHL: Nashville Predators at Philadelphia Flyers Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Nashville Predators New & Notes

Checking out the competition: Nashville Predators with Adam Jazdzewski | Broad Street Hockey
OTF’s own Adam Jazdzewski chatted with Broad Street Hockey before the game last night to give the competition a little insight on the Predators.

Predators vs. Flyers: Nashville shuts out Philadelphia on road | The Tennessean
See ya next year Philly! It was fun, and by fun I mean thanks for the wins.

A slimmer Scott Hartnell may be more dangerous
There’s no denying that Hartnell has been great so far this season. I still need someone to explain why hockey players are fascinated with tennis though.

Predators: Nashville adopting 'wolf pack' mentality | The Tennessean
Who do I have to talk to at Bridgestone to get a video introduction set to Duran Duran’s ‘Hungry Like the Wolf’? Better question why hasn’t it happened already?

Hockey News & Notes

NHL -- Time to bring back the infamous glow puck | ESPN
Unfortunately I’m a bit too young to remember the glow puck. Given the overview however, it’s probably not a bad thing “the result was a peculiar hazy oval of color around the puck that made it look like a blueberry that had been marinated in toxic waste.”

It’s hard enough to watch a game in high-def with the current state of some of the NHL’s sweaters (looking at you caution cone Philly!) let’s not add “marinated toxic waste” on top of that. Thank you in advance, sincerely, everyone’s eyeballs.

Three early-season NHL trends unlikely to continue |
I think this is fair in the sense that you can’t count out the Oilers, Sharks, or Canadiens this early. Its better to work the kinks out now instead of desperately trying to pry your way into the playoffs when Spring rolls around. (CC: The Nashville Predators)

NHL -- Hottest rivalries in the league | ESPN
Of course league rivalries are going to be overhyped when the league itself is marketing them, that doesn’t make the rivalry organic. Its only really fun to watch if the two teams genuinely have a deep-seeded hate for one another. It takes time to develop a good rivalry. Let the Preds oust the Ducks from the playoffs one more time and see how comfortable you feel wearing gold in the Honda Center the following October.

Kings Make History with Win Against Canadiens |
If you’ve secretly had a Los Angeles Kings jersey tucked away deep in the darkest parts of your closet since 2014, just waiting for the right time to be unleashed upon the world again. The time is now.

Or you know maybe give it a few more weeks...don’t be that person just yet.

Report: NHL exploring Houston for expansion to 32 ‘not impossible to see’ | CBS Sports
They said hockey would never work in Nashville.

They said hockey would never work in Las Vegas.

They’ll probably say two hockey teams will never work in Texas...but please don’t put another hockey team in Texas. It’s hot, can’t the NHL find a nice city where it’s a brisk 65 degrees all the time and feels like hockey season should feel? Can I get an amen?

Meanwhile...happy Friday Preds fans, have a donut for Pekka!