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Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Get Back Up On The Horse

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Here are my ideas for tonight’s game: put some execution on the end of that effort and possession, keep your feet moving and stay out of the penalty box.

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Olympics: Equestrian Matt Kryger-USA TODAY Sports

Smashville News:

Numbers show the Nashville Predators are the best franchise in sports |
"When it comes to making fans happy, no team delivers more bang for the buck than the Nashville Predators." But you knew that already, right? Some nice love for our front office.

Super Slo-mo: Week 2 |
"Viktor Arvidsson, Nikita Kucherov and Brandon Saad's gorgeous goals; heavy hits from Jamie Benn and Matt Martin, all in super slow motion." This is fun, though I think the goalies deserve more love. Stay tuned until the end for a special treat.

Predators: Rematch with Blackhawks highlight Nashville's week |
Here comes our first back to back. Assuming Pekka Rinne gets the Hawks, Juuse Saros will see the other New York team AND get a home game. Let's play better defense in front of him, okay men?

Central Division News:

Dallas Stars Catching Fire Thanks To Goaltending Of Ben Bishop | Blackout Dallas
While everyone was discussing the offensive adds, this was what I was afraid of. Hopefully he falls off before they roll over the division.

Other Hockey News:

Initial 10-game deadline looms for players on entry-level deals |
No mention of young Master Girard - probably because we are stretching his games out so far. Looks like a good many guys will be burning a year on their ELC this season.

Subban's injury could be the undoing of the Golden Knights' strong start | The Hockey News
I really feel for young Subban and his missed opportunity. By the time he recovers, Flower will likely be back in the crease. The author believes the coming goalie issues were self-inflicted by Vegas.

Where have you gone my Canadiens? The Habs nation turns its weary eyes to you | Montreal Gazette
This whole situation makes me shake my head. First, who didn't see this coming with the off season moves and the total dependence on Price? Second, reading through articles, it's either time to panic or time to stay calm, time to fire someone or time to trade a player. The media is going crazy up there - maybe it’s time to read about curling?

Vancouver Eclipse prove Hockey Is For Everyone |
Mind. Blown.

Fire-Ravaged Santa Rosa Turns to Hockey for Respite - NBC Bay Area
"For one Sunday, the fires that staggered this small city and wiped out thousands of homes were an afterthought at Snoopy's Home Ice In Northern California." I spent my teens and early twenties in Northern California and this devastation is hard to take in. Hockey offering a small ray of light to Santa Rosa.

And giving Doug and Dozer a break this week - check out this training regime. (I think it’s too much disadvantage for the dog!)