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Sunday’s Dump & Chase: Lacksadaisical

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In which our heroes get spanked mercilessly, Bryzgalov talks literature, and Vegas keeps winning.

NHL: New York Islanders at Nashville Predators Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Nashville Predators News and Notes

Nashville Loses Two-Game Point Streak with Lopsided Loss at Home | Nashville Predators

My big sis in the big leagues! Proud of you @nastassia14 ☝

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Okay, are the Subbans like some sort of super family created in a lab?

Other Hockey News & Notes

Women's pro hockey league makes pact with NJ Devils | FOX Sports
"The Devils recently announced a partnership with the Metropolitan Riveters, one of four teams in the fledgling National Women’s Hockey League. The Devils will provide their practice facility for home games in Newark, assist with marketing and host a doubleheader with the Riveters on Saturday at the Prudential Center."

This is an extremely classy move by the Devils organization, and hopefully other NHL teams follow suit.

Shooting The Bryz | Sportsnet
Fire everybody else at Sportsnet. Ilya Bryzgalov has all the hockey takes that I'll ever need.

What's happened to the Canadiens? | TSN
Guys... Montreal is still burning. Can we somehow rescue Shea Weber from this catastrophe?

Sean Avery: Time 'kills guys' when they retire from NHL | Sportsnet
“Time is more of your enemy when you’re done playing than anything,” Avery says. “[It’s] dangerous because, for 10 years, or for however long your career is, you’re expected to only focus on one thing. And you’re somewhat ostracized if you focus on other things. The problem with that is that the moment they take the jersey away, you’re expected to focus on all these other things instantly. Immediately. And it’s not even about money at that point — [you could] have all the money in the world. But when your identity is taken from you and you have time, that’s the most dangerous after-affect. That’s what kills guys.”

The Vegas Golden Knights Inexplicably Just Keep Winning | Deadspin
The folks at Deadspin are just as confused as we all are when it comes to the Golden Knights early success. There's no logical way this can last, right? ....Right? JESUS, STOP SCORING ALREADY NEAL!

Stamkos' transformation into Kucherov's set-up man has Lightning looking scarier than ever | The Hockey News
Kucherov (12 G, 7A) and Stamkos (4 G, 17 A) are going to be giving NHL goaltenders nightmares all season long.

How undrafted Tyler Bozak has evolved on the Maple Leafs roster | Sportsnet
"Tyler Bozak may be the best undrafted player of the past 10 years, and now that the Maple Leafs are becoming a contender, he's found a more comfortable role on the team than the one he was forced into during the down years."