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Monday’s Dump & Chase: Living in a Pekka Rinne World

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After Saturday’s crushing loss to the Islanders, it is clear why the Preds have relied on Pekka Rinne for so long.

NHL: Nashville Predators at Chicago Blackhawks Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Predators: What should Nashville do with Juuse Saros?
A team is only as good as their depth and defense, and right now, the Preds have a struggling backup goalkeeper in Juuse Saros.

Nashville Predators 2, New York Islanders 6: Yikes
Yikes would be an understatement when looking back at this game.

Preds: Picture This!
Can Predators players and broadcasters play pictionary and draw actual pictures? Some can, others, not so much.

News & Notes from Around the Hockey World

Arizona Coyotes tie record for worst NHL start with 11 straight losses -
This isn't a record anyone is trying to break. Poor, poor Arizona.

Will NHL raise the draft age to 19? | The Hockey News
What do you think? Should the NHL raise the draft age?

Ovechkin buys homeless man sweater, coat and hat |
A very nice move from Ovi.

Vadim Shipachyov accepts assignment to Chicago Wolves while looking for trade - Knights On Ice
Turmoil in the Golden Knights locker room? Uh oh...

Wheeler propels Jets past Penguins in record-setting first period
Seeing the Penguins lost 7-1 to the Jets after already losing to the Blackhawks 10-0 earlier this season really makes me smile.

Have a great Monday everyone!