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Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: California Here We Come

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The Handsome Men’s Team travels to my one-time home in San Jose to kick off the Western road trip at the Shark Tank. Men - take your 5 Hour Energy and Stay Out Of The Penalty Box!

Golden Gate Transportation District Requests New Rules Limiting Drones Near The Iconic Bridge Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Smashville News:

Roman Josi | A Drink With
He's such a delight.

Candy and Costumes: Preds Dish on Halloween |
In regard to the costumes - as Musamonster says....Do it. Do it.

Joey never disappoints! Check out the Mike Fisher troll in the comments.

A post shared by Ryan Johansen (@ryanjohansen92) on

Central Division News:

J.P. Parise stick finds way home to family |
Heartwarmer from the Minnesota Wild.

Allen, Hutton form stellar tandem in goal for Blues | St. Louis Blues |
This is mostly about Jake Allen, but it seems our buddy Carter Hutton has a new BFF.

It's still early, but the Blackhawks sure don't look like the Blackhawks yet | The Hockey News
Then who do they look like? Maybe this is exactly what the Chicago Blackhawks look like now. I think a burning question is how they will manage to get Seabrooks' contract on to LTIR next year or even before the deadline?

Other Hockey News:

Streit announces retirement from hockey |
Best of luck, Mark. Sorry it didn't work out in Montreal, but you may be better off.

The Pittsburgh Penguins keep getting blown out | The Hockey News
I actually mentioned to my husband last week that I thought the long seasons might be catching up with them this year. Then again, maybe Matt Cullen was the key to their success. ;-)

Marc-Andre Fleury’s agent blasts NHL concussion spotter protocol | Las Vegas Review-Journal
I have an idea. How about they wait longer than three minutes to see if symptoms are present? Also, in the bottom snippet we see that Kevin Bieska's one punch fight has backfired into extended time out due to hand injury. Karma - it's for real.

A Hockey Fan's Guide to Vegas | TravelPulse
"Advice for hockey fans visiting Vegas to see the Golden Knights or the away team." In case anyone is planning a trip to Sin City.

Golden Knights mascot Chance has some friends read mean tweets |
"Chance the mascot has seen you dragging him on Twitter. And he's going to turn the joke right back around on you." Have a chuckle to start your day.

Scottish hockey: Dundee Stars fuming after Guildford game abandoned | BBC Sport
If anyone in the NHL or AHL thinks they have it bad, check this out. Stopping a game because you can see the concrete under the ice in places. Random players quitting. Four games in five days and three game weekends. Yeesh!