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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Calm Before The Storm

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We are one day away from real Predators hockey. October is here. We always promised didn’t we?

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NHL: Stanley Cup Final-Pittsburgh Penguins at Nashville Predators Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Predators roster: Who made the cut for opening night? | The Tennessean
Not a lot of surprises here. Despite injuries the Preds seem confident with this group. Aberg ends up as the odd man out but Lavy gave him the equivilant of the Trotzy’s “get a dog” saying he still needs to prove he belongs. Aberg had a lot of good moments in the post-season, hopefully he gets his game right going into the season.

Predators Gather Suits To Donate To Local Organizations | NewsChannel 5 Nashville
Just your favorite local hockey team finding new ways to tug at your heart strings every day.

Preds Announce Single-Game Ticket Promotions for 2017-18 Season | Nashville Predators
With the season opening up tomorrow night, now is a good a time as any to check out all the new ticket promos the Preds have going on this season. They’ve given Bridgestone some fun new upgrades worth the trek.

A Preds playoff hero now back with Admirals, Freddy Gaudreau's odyssey continues | On Milwaukee
As much as I enjoyed watching Freddy G works some absolute magic during the playoffs a little more time in Milwaukee isn’t necessarily a bad thing for him. Look at how much time Fiala spent with the Admirals. He’s practically busting at the seems with offensive power now.

Hockey News & Notes

Golden Knights, NHL Make Joint Donation to Support Victims of Las Vegas Shooting | Bleacher Report
I still can’t put into words how heart broken I am for the city of Las Vegas. There’s comfort in knowing that people are rallying and doing what they can to support the victims and help Vegas move forward.

Seven things to watch for as the NHL season gets underway | North Jersey
Canadian teams being stacked with talent and poised to win a cup for the first time since 1993 and not being able to pull it off in the next few seasons somehow feels like the long-running and repeating story-line of every Canadian team in the NHL.

NHL 2017-18: Way-too-early playoff picks, Stanley Cup favorites, bold predictions | CBS Sports
Conor McDavid telling Ryan Kesler he’s a loser just doesn’t seem as entertaining as the battle of the Ryans. I’m biased but come on...we all know those were fun times!

Fighting in the NHL is making a late-round comeback — because today’s enforcers can actually play | National Post
To summarize: Sidney Crosby knows every other guy in the league is over his garbage and he knows they’re not going to take it anymore so he got a bodyguard.

NHL Preview 2017 - SB Nation
If Minnesota and Dallas don’t pull themselves together this season they’re going to start giving the rest of the league the impression that the Central division has gone soft.