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Friday’s Dump & Chase: Holes

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The Preds have a few. Like a top four D and a skilled second line center. Just saying.

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NHL: Nashville Predators at Boston Bruins Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Predators tickets: 6 ways to get cheap tickets to games in Nashville | The Tennessean
Step one: know a guy.

Burning questions for all 31 teams | ESPN
This is a fun little exercise, if you have some of your own.

Senators ticket struggles haven't gone away - CBC
There are multiple legitimate reasons for the Senators to have attendance issues, but it's not like Canadian media gives those excuses to sunbelt teams.

Zinke Being Probed For Use Of Private Jet To Attend Meeting With Hockey Team – Talking Points Memo
Keep the drama on the ice, guys.

Expansion Vegas Golden Knights hockey team institutes a no-beard policy | Daily HIve
This is such bull. Fortunately they won't see the playoffs any time soon.

Watching hockey increases cardiac stress by twofold | Gears of Biz
Okay, but I've been told that raising my heart rate is good for exercise, too, so hopefully it evens out.

Will Auston Matthews be in the MVP conversation? | ESPN
Someone called Matthews a generational talent. Slow your roll, dude.

Minnesota Wild players explain how to use Twitter in hilariously goofy video | For The Win
This is the only Minnesota-related content I will ever endorse.

Connor McDavid has the skills to create a lot of new hockey fans – ProHockeyTalk
So how many times is he on national TV in the US? Oh.

New arena for Red Wings means NHL events will return to Detroit -
Our long national nightmare is over.