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Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Rematch

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The Preds aren’t going to get “revenge” for the Cup Final result tonight, but they should be a little extra motivated. Unfortunately for Nashville, Pittsburgh will be a lot extra motivated.

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NHL: Nashville Predators at Boston Bruins Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Oct. 10: The Most Historic Opening Night in Franchise History | Nashville Predators
Not going to lie, I really want one of those miniature banners.

Penguins vs. Predators: Shaky starts overshadow Stanley Cup rematch | USA Today
It's been one game.

Calvin Pickard trade hints more moves coming for Maple Leafs -
The life of a Leafs fan: mistaking competence for genius.

Inside McDavid’s quest for goal-scoring greatness - TSN
Oh god, McDavid's found a place for improvement. We're all doomed.

No Molson beer? Then no Oilers promotions, Edmonton bar owner told - CBC News
On one hand, that's how it works. On the other hand, it sucks that he got a cease and desist over this and that they're going after such small game.

Arizona Coyotes GM John Chayka is more than just a numbers nerd | ESPN
He also drinks mint tea, which is weirder.

Once in a century hat trick history made in NHL openers ||
It was kind of a fluke, but still amazing to watch.

From Golden Seals to Golden Knights: A history of NHL expansion | Toronto Star
This is a very small overview that's still packed with interesting factoids.

Nathan Walker: NHL's first Australian debuts for Capitals |
It's hard to believe he's only 23, since I've been hearing about him for years. Congrats to him for finally making it.

Hischier on Devils opener Saturday: 'I expect to win' |
Good luck.

NHL Fans Can Now Relive Their Glorious Moments On TV | SportTechie
I don't think it's April 1st...