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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Fresh Pots

Man your coffee pots, the Preds are on their first west coast swing of the season.

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Procter & Gamble To Buy Gillette For $57 Billion In Stock Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Predators: Nashville still deciding Samuel Girard's NHL future | The Tennessean
As long as Girard continues to play the way he has, there’s plenty who will argue he should stay. That’s without diving into the Yeber, Tony B conundrum. Sammy G’s contract makes things difficult but it might be worth the risk if he rounds out the defense until Ellis returns.

A Look At How The Nashville Predators Are Scoring | On the Forecheck
LedgerSko takes an in-depth look at the Predators’ shot quality. It’s no secret that the Preds have a festering hole in the middle of their offense, shaped eerily like a second-line center. So far the strategy to contain that hole seems to be “let’s make due with what we have and hope they figure it out” and if that’s the strategy the Preds are going to continue to roll with, then “what we have” has to get better at shooting the puck.

Predators: Mike Fisher is Nashville Christmas parade grand marshal | The Tennessean
My idea of early retirement would be a lot of mid-day naps and running errands in the middle of a random Tuesday because I can. Meanwhile Mike Fisher is out in the world of retirement becoming the Nashville Christmas parade’s grand marshal.

The Little Things: Josi’s persistence, Freddy G, and More! | On the Forecheck
Corey has been recapping all the little things you might have missed in the previous week. While some of them are great in simplicity, some of them are just embarrassing. Looking at you Emelin.

Incase you missed it, take a moment to appreciate Nick Bonino and his wife pranking his teammates while P.K. Subban filmed it...from a rooftop somewhere on Broadway.

But why is Matt Irwin running away? We may never know.

Hockey News & Notes

Sorting out NHL contenders, pretenders one month into the season | NHL | Sporting News
I’m not counting Vegas out just yet, but their goalie situation...yikes! If they don’t figure that out soon they’re hot streak might fizzle out way too soon.

NHL -- Edmonton Oilers center Connor McDavid is good at hockey, but really bad at ... | ESPN
Connor McDavid is human after all, but some of these are just sad. Someone please teach him how to park.

Fantasy buzz: Replacement options for Getzlaf |
Fantasy hockey replacements for Ryan Getzlaf while he’s on IR...literally anyone else.

NHL relocation game heating up: Over the Boards | The Star
For a cool $500 million you can be the new owner of the Carolina Hurricanes. Or if anyone wants to get a pool together, I got five on it.

Oshie of Capitals shares 'kindred spirit' with cancer patient|
Hockey Fights Cancer has been an amazing campaign across the NHL, but the time the players put into it, and the time they invest in the families they meet is really incredible.