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Nashville Predators 1, San Jose Sharks 4: West Coast Woes

The boys were playing like they were on Central Time

NHL: Nashville Predators at San Jose Sharks Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

The Nashville Predators decided to try something new offensively tonight, and it did not pay off. At all.

Early on, the Predators looked far and away like the better team, controlling possession and getting shots on goal for the first five minutes, until Alexei Emelin was sent to the box for holding. The Predators penalty kill, after getting shredded by the Islanders, kept the Sharks from scoring, allowing only a single shot on goal.

The Predators immediately followed up the penalty kill with a power play, which saw some great movement and shots on net. Right afterwards, however, Craig Smith was sent to the box for slashing. The Predators killed another Sharks power play, and both teams traded the puck around for the following few minutes before Joonas Donskoi put the puck past Rinne to give the Sharks a 1-0 lead with 4:11 remaining in the 1st. Neither team managed to get much going in the final four minutes of the period, and the Sharks took a 1-0 lead into the first intermission.

The Predators started out the second period the same way they did the first, and with 16:53 remaining in the 2nd period, the Sharks headed to the power play for the third time of the game, this time for too many men on the ice. The Predators killed the penalty, but Joe Pavelski tipped in a wrister from the blue line, giving the Sharks a 2-0 lead. Fortunately for the Predators, Roman Josi found a way to score a goal and bring the Predators back within one.

A trip by Filip Forsberg sent the Sharks to the powerplay for the 4th time of the night, and this time they scored a goal, making it 3-1 Sharks. With 3:19 remaining in the second, the Sharks got their 5th powerplay opportunity of the night, thanks to goalie interference being called on Miikka Salomaki. The Predators did kill the penalty, and minimized the second period damage as they headed into the final intermission down 3-1.

The third period was spent with neither team doing anything special, save for two dumb fighting penalties taken by both teams...oh and a fourth Sharks least the Astros won the World Series.

Random Observations

  • Fiala on the first line, here’s his chance
  • Lavy throwing out second line to start the game, and I like it
  • Arvy with the first shot of the night for either team
  • Bad pass there by Fil, thankfully it was near our OZ
  • Aaaaaand McLeod launches a pass off of Arvidsson -rolls eyes-
  • Wow what a save there by Martin Jones
  • Penalty = kilt
  • Josi putting shots on net is fantastic
  • Who is in net, and what has he done with Martin Jones
  • Great save their by Rinne, bad collapse by the penalty kill
  • Penalty = kilt x2
  • Sammy G is gonna be good, y’all
  • Freddy Hockey mishandling that pass prevented a Preds goal
  • Well, we played 19:45 of good hockey. Now let’s regroup and take this game back
  • Penalty = kilt (barely) x3
  • Good shot by Dillon, but this has been a bad game
  • JOSI!!!!!
  • Dumb penalty by Forsberg there
  • Of all the shots on the Sharks powerplay that Rinne let in, of course it had to be that one
  • Salo headed to the box
  • The Preds can’t convert on either of the two great shorthanded chances they had. This game looks more and more over
  • Penalty = kilt (4/5)
  • 20 more minutes, let’s at least try to turn it around
  • Not another penalty
  • 4-on-4 hockey
  • Penalty = kilt (technically)
  • Joey unnecessarily throwing hands describes this game perfectly
  • Penalty = kilt (how many times will I type this)
  • That goal just describes this game perfectly

OTF Super Duper Stars of the Game

  1. Roman Josi - Scored our only goal, and was one of the only players who seemed to be actually trying
  2. Freddy Gaudreau - Hustled all game, played like the guy we hoped he would be
  3. Samuel Girard - Said it before, and I’ll say it again: He’s gonna be good

Tweets of the Night

Game Video