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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Score the Goals, Give the Thanks

There’s plenty to be thankful for this hockey season, mostly the Nashville Predators scoring multiple goals all the time now!

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NHL: Dallas Stars at Nashville Predators Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Nashville News & Notes

Predators: NHL players, coaches discuss Filip Forsberg's star value | The Tennessean
Prince Fil has everything it takes to be a household name. The only people who might not want to acknowledge that are the Washington Capitals.

NHL -- Nashville Predators' P.K. Subban on social activism, family and the infamous trade | ESPN
Despite the article header being a little misleading this is actually a really nice interview with Subban. And with ESPN...go figure!

Hockey News & Notes

NHL history shows if you're not in position by Thanksgiving, you may go hungry at playoff time | Chicago Tribune
Unless you’re the Nashville Predators. Then you punch the gas pedal through the floorboard in January and hope for the best!

But not this year! Hold the lead!

NHL: 10 things we're not thankful for | USA Today
I’d like to add bad arena music to this list.

NHL - Seattle should be the next expansion city | ESPN
I’d settle for Houston being a relocation city and Seattle getting an expansion team. That’s probably not how that’s going to happen, but please don’t put a team in Houston.


Acknowledging and analyzing the NHL's top five lines this season |
JOFA today. JOFA tomorrow. JOFA all the time...until they’re shut down and can’t produce anymore and Lavy has to switch the lines up for goal scoring purposes!*

*You read that in a sing-song know you did.

What we learned in the NHL: It seems the slashing crackdown has resulted in more goals | LA Times
I see the logic behind this, but I have a hard time believing that big-time goal scorers are taking cheap slashing penalties instead of scoring goals. I’m not sure this will hold up all season.

With no NHL stars at the Winter Olympics, here's who'll suit up for Team USA | CBS Sports
It’s just...

Lightning's Kuckerov, Coyotes' Keller among NHL quarter-season awards picks | Sportsnet
David Poile is going to be the first GM to win back to back years isn’t he?

Meet the man in charge of painting the NHL's top 100 players |
“It is well done.”

Just me?