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Nashville Predators 3, Montreal Canadiens 2 (SO): Turris’ Shootout Winner Saves The Day

The Preds blew another lead, but this time found a way to get two points.

NHL: Montreal Canadiens at Nashville Predators Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

The Predators won an ugly game against the Canadiens tonight, fighting through some poor even strength play and blowing another lead, but eventually coming out on top 3-2 in a shootout.

After some early penalties by both teams (not surprising), the two teams mucked around for a little bit before Jordie Benn got things started. He snuck down into the high slot after a line change and ripped one past Pekka Rinne to make it 1-0. It was a bummer of a start for the Preds, who really looked quite lost for most of the 1st period.

That is until a penalty to Jonathan Drouin led to some last second heroics. P.K. Subban swooped in from the neutral zone, found Ryan Johansen in the circle, who then found Filip Forsberg with a wide open net. He scored to make it 1-1 with less than two seconds left in the period.

The Preds went right back to looking lost in the 2nd. Too many blind passes, not enough quality shots on the net. The Habs were doing a good job of limiting space for the Preds, but then weren’t really doing much with the puck when they got it. The result? Some very boring hockey.

If you missed the 2nd period, you didn’t miss the 2nd period.

The 3rd period, however, had much more life. As the game opened up, Andrew Shaw went to the box for the second time, leading to Forsberg’s 2nd power play goal. It was a beauty. Craig Smith won the puck from behind the net and found Forsberg in the slot.

Then later, things got testy. Apparently unhappy with something he said, Pekka Rinne shoved Brandon Gallagher and then Karl Alzner charged him. It led to a pretty tasty fight between several players, with multiple penalties called, including an unsportsmanlike conduct on Gallagher. It led to a Preds power play, though they didn’t capitalize.

The Habs pressed hard in the 3rd to get the tying goal and it looked like the Preds would salt it away with an empty netter. But then Joe Morrow sent a pretty lazy shot on goal that deflected off of Ryan Johansen and went in. It was an incredible twist of fate for both teams and the game went to overtime.

In overtime, the Preds kept possession for most of the play, getting several good chances on Niemi. Josi, Forsberg, Smith, Arvidsson, and Ekholm all held the puck long enough to score on Niemi, but couldnt.

In the shootout, new kid on the block Kyle Turris put home the only goal for either team and the Preds came out on top.

It would have been pretty disappointing not getting that 2nd point, but thankfully that didn’t happen.

That makes it eight wins in the last nine games!

Random Observations

  • No Shea Weber tonight. Sad!
  • A penalty almost immediately. And then another to make it a 5-on-3. Good gracious.
  • Dang, they killed it. Amazing job by the PEE KAYERS!
  • Niemi looks pretty strong early. He’s stopped the Preds a couple times with great pad saves.
  • Rinne’s blocker side is exposed again. Jordie Benn gets a goal that looked pretty stoppable, even if it was from a dangerous area.
  • One final power play to finish off the first and OH MY GOODNESS! Forsberg scores with less than a second left! Amazing plays by Subban and Johansen to set it up.
  • Another penalty, this one by Arvidsson, to start the 2nd.
  • The passing is really just bad tonight. Too much cuteness.
  • Things have slowed down, tremendously.
  • Wow, this game is a complete snoozer. What happened?
  • I don’t even know what to talk about. The Preds just chipped the puck in. The Habs retrieved and chipped it out. They had the puck for a second then dumped it into the Preds’ zone. The Preds retrieved and chipped it back out. And so on, for 20 minutes.
  • This 3rd period looks better already. Preds getting a power play.
  • FORSBERG!! AGAIN!! He’s so awesome.
  • Great work from Smith in the corner. Well deserved assist.
  • Wow what just happened, there was a full on brawl behind Rinne.
  • Rinne lost his mind, then Alzner lost his.
  • The Turris line has been quieter tonight, but not silent. They’ve been making little plays here and there to keep the Habs on their toes.
  • What in the hell. Arvy and Joey both had shots at empty nets. They missed/didn’t shoot. And then Morrow ties it.
  • So angry right now.
  • Omg this overtime
  • Fiala (missed), Byron (hit the post), Forsberg (missed), Drouin (glove save!), Turris (SCORES), Pacioretty (missed)

OTF Super Duper Stars of the Game

  1. Filip Forsberg: two power play goals, excellent play in all periods (even the 2nd) and nearly won this thing in overtime. Filip is incredible.
  2. Pekka Rinne: He gave up two pretty crappy goals (one was just PURE luck) but he also had some miraculous saves. He finished with 27.
  3. P.K. Subban: Generated a ton of offense tonight. 17 shot attempts for, which led the team. Assisted on Forsberg’s first goal with a brilliant rush from end to end.

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