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Nashville Predators 4 , Los Angeles Kings 3 (OT) : Viktor Arvidsson, Overtime Hero

The Predators escape California with another two points.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The Predators came into Los Angeles trying to sweep a back to back, and secure a winning record on their western road trip. They didn’t play 60 minutes of good hockey, and had to make the game last an extra few, but they got the two points.

The Predators couldn’t get out of their own way early, sending two guys to the box before the midway point of the 1st period. Luckily, the penalty kill held firm and kept Juuse Saros’ sheet crystal clean. Around the split of the 1st, Mr. Matt Irwin sent a cross-rink pass right into Mikka Salomakis’ bread basket with only the goalie to beat, and just like that it was 1-0. Keeping the momentum going, P.K. Subban blasted one into the net just moments after, partially thanks to some quality screening by Viktor Arvidsson. The guys in gold maintained the upper hand for the rest of the way, keeping the Staples Center quiet through to the end of the period. 2-0 Predators after one.

In the second period, Filip Forsberg found a streaking Craig Smith, who went top shelf to give Nashville a stranglehold on this game. After that though, the team didn’t see much of anything besides the inside of a turtle shell. The Preds’ got nothing going on offense, and were leaving neon blue “open” signs right in front of the net. If not for some wizardry by Saros, the score could very well not be in our favor. However, the puck managed to stay out of our net, and the period ended with only one goal scored. 3-0 good guys going into the 3rd.

The 3rd period started with a bang, and not a good one. The Kings shortened the defecit to two just 16 seconds into the game. Not long after, Juuse Saros showed a rare sign of inexperience, laying an egg on an easy save, and making this a close game. As the east coast went to bed, so did the team, letting L.A. attack the young goalie almost nonstop for the first half of the final period of play. Right after the halfway mark of the period, the Preds’ give up a penalty and allow a game-tying goal on a tip in. A tad bit of offense was displayed late in the 3rd, but in the end it would go to overtime.

In overtime, both teams had a few chances, and Saros stood on his head the whole way. The game was seemingly headed for a shootout, but Viktor Arvidsson got a breakaway and put it in the net as time expired. A thrilling end to a rollercoaster of a game.

It wasn’t pretty, in fact very, very ugly at times, but the Predators got a win, and a back to back win at that. On to Columbus!

Random Observations

  • And before you can get to your seat, the Predators are on a penalty kill.
  • Nice tugging match, Watty.
  • Jarnkrok might need a few extra minutes in the ice bath after that hit.
  • Cody McLeod has put the Preds’ on the second PK of the night, and lost the fightf
  • Goal! Matt Irwin sends a perfect lob pass right into Salomakis’ lap for a simple put-away.
  • P.K. slings a screamer to the back of the net! 2 goals on 3 shots. Who said the team needed a rest day?
  • Power play to end out the period. A goal here would be huuuuge.
  • Solid save by Saros to start up the 2nd.
  • SMITTY! Feed from Filip and popping one up top, big goal early in the second.
  • Let’s not slam the brakes on the offense right when we can put this one away, pretty please?
  • Absolute worst time for another penalty kill.
  • Saros, just keep doin’ what you’re doin’ buddy.
  • It seems the offense just recently remembered they’re coming off a back to back.
  • The turtle gods have smiled on this team. 3-0 after 2.
  • Kings goal. Color me shocked.
  • Heck of a play by Freddy G, broke up a pass that would’ve ended with a 3-2 score.
  • Ugh... bad look Juuse. 2-3.
  • Correction: THIS is the worst possible time for another penalty kill.
  • All tied up. Coffee, anyone?
  • Finally some offensive pressure, much needed.
  • Juuse Saros is trying his best to keep this anemic team in a game they have no business being in.
  • To OT we go...
  • ARVY.

OTF Super Duper Stars of the Game

  1. Viktor Arvidsson: Heck of an effort from this guy. Game winning goal in overtime of a back to back, and an overall solid effort.
  2. Juuse Saros: By no means a perfect game, but kept this team in it and recovered well.
  3. Calle Jarnkrok: 2 helpers, ‘nuff said.

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