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Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Ready to Go Duck Hunting

Anaheim will do something they aren’t used to tonight: play in an arena packed full of fans. Before you head to the game, catch up on all the latest news.

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NHL: Nashville Predators at Anaheim Ducks
I just wanted to use a picture of Mattias Ekholm.
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Nashville Predators News

Predators: Check out the latest P.K. Subban community quest
I have always loved this idea and now that it has existed through several games and has some history behind it, I love the way it's playing out. I always love when athletes can see the capacity they have to be a positive role model and can help facilitate the change they wish to see.

Predators: Five reasons they're better than last season
I would disagree with what he says about Pekka Rinne. Instead, I would argue that Pekka Rinne looks experienced, healthy, and focused.

Around Hockey

Breaking: After deserting the NHL, goalie wants to come back! - NHL News - HockeyFeed

Blackhawks put Corey Crawford on injured reserve | Chicago Sun-Times
When your solid foundation begins to crumble...really hate it for ol' Dead Eyes and the gang.

Doughty, Karlsson want what they're worth – so what could they earn on new deals? | The Hockey News
Are they worth it? If they don't stay with their teams, where do they end up?

Jets' Patrik Laine says he's struggling with confidence issues again -
I can't tell if he's lacking confidence or if he's just being overly critical of himself. However, I can't help but hear a small sense of helplessness in what he's saying.

Numbers suggest Duchene is a strong fit for Senators despite struggles -
No, he's not scoring. The numbers, however, say he's having a major impact on the team. I feel like a lot of this is wishful thinking for the move that this Canadian team made...the Canadian team that sent Kyle Turris to an American team where the numbers are QUITE a bit more conclusive. Realistically, what this article is REALLY saying (without addressing it) is that Nashville won this trade and has the better team for it.

Tooting Our Own Horn - Awesome Articles From OTF You May Have Missed

We put out a lot of great articles throughout the week. I strongly feel that if you’re a weekend visitor, you may have missed out on some of these. We have the best writers in the game...check’em out!!!

The Weekender: How Good is Good? - On the Forecheck
I always love when this gets posted in time for me to link to it. The Weekender is some of my favorite reading. This is a great chance to catch up on all the things you may have missed!

The Little Things: Emelin Improving, Ekholm Brilliant - On the Forecheck
Perhaps Corey doesn't know that KateR doesn't allow me to compliment Alexei Emelin, but this is an awesome article with plenty of visuals to enjoy.

Does the NHL Need Enforcers? - On the Forecheck
A very interesting read and a very mature take on the topic. As someone who doubts the necessity of the Cody McLeod's of the world, this article forced me to take a closer look.