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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Airing of Grievances

Festivus is still a few days away but last night’s game is hopefully the last of the hockey disappointments we have to complain about for 2017.

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Winnipeg Jets v Nashville Predators Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Hockey News & Notes

Winnipeg Jets 6, Nashville Predators 4: 3 things we learned | The Tennessean
I miss the days where scoring 4 goals was enough to secure a win. On the bright side at least the Preds are scoring 4 or more goals.

NHL - The most underrated players in 2017-18 | ESPN
Everyone’s favorite Pitbull Mattias Ekholm getting some praise from Cap’n Josi!

Four times the Hurricanes got in the way of NHL history |
This was obviously written before the beating the Hurricanes took from Toronto yesterday afternoon.

Maple Leafs score franchise's 20,000th goal | NHL
The Hurricanes didn’t get in the way of the Leaf’s 20,000th goal!

That’s a lot of goals.

3 things we learned in the NHL: Henrique, Vatanen burn former teams |
Former teams/teammates storyline aside, the Ducks losing to the Devils is a nice read. Or the Ducks losing to anyone really.

2017 NHL Holiday Wish List | CBS Denver
Ottawa might want a do-over for the Duchene trade but as for Nashville, I imagine that conversation would go something like...yeah, no take backs!

Review: NHL Winter Classic 10-Year Anniversary Documentary | Die By The Blade
You had me at narrated by Michael Keaton.

Nikita Kucherov can no longer be ignored in NHL’s best player debate |
Good, the McDavid vs. Crosby competition was getting a little stale.

NHL’s Islanders Win Right to Build Arena at Belmont Site | Bloomberg
I’m happy for all of my friends that are Isles fans. I’m even happier that backup goalies will no longer have to sit in the stands with the fans. It’s just awkward.

Jonathan Toews ranked 7th on NHL Network’s list of all-time best captains | Second City Hockey
Really I just want to know the reasoning as to why Toews was ranked over Crosby, so I can use it against Penguins fans in a fight if I need to.

How one cantankerous man inspired the creation of the NHL | TVO
Imagine being so unbearable to work with you inspire your peers to create the NHL just to spite you...and get rid of you.

Morale of the story: Don’t be cantankerous.


MLS expansion: MLS officials headed to Nashville, a strong sign Music City picked for expansion | The Tennessean
The new MLS expansion should be getting a big Smashville welcome later today!