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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Back on Top

The Nashville Predators are number one in the west...again.

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NHL: Nashville Predators at Dallas Stars Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Hockey News & Notes

Nashville Predators 5, Dallas Stars 2: Dulling the Stars | On the Forecheck
The Preds scored 10 goals in 48 hours. We’ve waited a long time for a team that could make that look so easy.

Nashville Predators 2017 Stanley Cup Finals Bobblehead (Presale) | National Bobblehead HOF Store
It’s that time of year where you need to start stocking up on team related items to force on your loved ones...or you know to remind family members who’s team really is the best. Who doesn’t like a gift that can have multiple purposes?

The NHL's Most Valuable Teams | Forbes
This list is actually a little surprising.

The NHL's Highest-Paid Players 2017-18 | Forbes
This list...not so surprising.

Jonathan Toews is NHL’s highest-paid player for 2nd straight year |

Meanwhile I’m still trying to figure out how Toews can get his face on toast, but Patrick Kane can’t shoot a commercial without reading his lines directly off a sheet of paper like someone is holding him hostage.

What does Russia’s 2018 Olympic ban mean for men’s hockey? |
Things just keep getting worse and worse for the 2018 Winter Games, at least where hockey is concerned.

NHL -- Greg Wyshynski - Nine-year-old Kaiden Whaley is the best player in the world of the week | ESPN
Let’s just let the best kids in the world play in the Winter Games. I know they have the Junior Olympics but there’s no time like the present to let them make the leap into the big show!

Do NHL fans deserve to see AHL playing time statistics? |
Yeah...there’s no way Poile could possibly be okay with the rest of the NHL knowing what Nashville has going on over at the farm. You can’t fault the GMs for wanting no part of sharing AHL stats.

NHL - What should a (possible) Seattle expansion team be named? | ESPN
My favorite part of the Vegas expansion was all the really bad names we had to go through before we ended up with the decent but still not great Vegas Golden Knights. should be Las Vegas Golden Knights at least! bad are they going to get for Seattle?