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Predators in the Wild: All-Star Edition

A round-up of everything that went down during the All-Star weekend break.

Unless you’re taking part in a social media cleanse or media black-out (no one would blame you in times like these) you probably caught a glimpse of the 2017 NHL All-Star Weekend hijinks.

All-Star games have become quite the spectacle. While the idea of gathering the elite of any sports league in one place and creating dream teams to pit against one another seems like the ultimate sports pinnacle, usually it’s just silly. But the people love it.

Nashville crowds don’t lie.

P.K. Subban was the only Nashville Predator to get in on the fun this year but somehow Subban managed to make one Nashvillian feel like a hundred Nashvillians. The reigning social media king was everywhere. Everywhere.

✌️out L.A. #pkcam #allstarweekend

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Big hats, dapper suits, cute babies, making kids dreams come true, and making time to dance on stage with Snoop leather pants. Yeah, P.K. does it all.

He even managed to play a prank on a guy that Nashville Predators fans might hate more than anyone else in the league.

Jonathan Toews watching Patrick Kane, waiting for that to happen makes it even better. Nothing like the All-Star game to make you conspire with your enemies against your own team mates. Just silly.

When he wasn’t trying to infiltrate the Chicago Blackhawks he was trying to bring mortal Eastern Conference enemies together. The exchange was about as lukewarm as liquid nitrogen. (Crosby/Ovechkin frenemies counseling at 1:09)

We expected nothing less from someone who channeled Jaromir Jagr right next to Jarmoir Jagr last year.

Meanwhile in Nashville...

Colton Sissons made Nashville’s Most Beautiful People list. He opted out of the cowboy duds Ryan Johansen sported the year before, much to his teammates approval.

Bless his heart.

Mattias Ekholm announced he will be opening a hockey camp during the offseason in Sweden. Ahh...expanding the Swedish Mafia young.

And Joey was in South Carolina...that’s it. That’s all we know.

@jasontrott @boychuk11 @tdark16

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Throwback Thursday

Flashback to the 2016 NHL All-Star Game when all of the league’s elite converged onto Nashville like the ultimate honky tonk showdown on ice skates. You don’t have to imagine that actually happened.