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Predators in the Wild: Admirals Edition

Catching up with our good friends in Milwaukee.

We get a front row seat to the on-ice personas of the Nashville Predators, and for most of them we get a glimpse into their lives off the ice via social media. Nashville has no shortage of characters. It only makes sense for the rookies down in Milwaukee to have just as much character.

Let’s take a look shall we...

Tout sauf de l'osti de rootbeer #slapshot

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#Slapshot40 game

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Anthony Richard and Justin Kirkland getting silly with the cast of Slapshot.

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Alex Carrier is either starting a part time modeling career or trying to take-off with this Harley. Someone should probably tell him he’s not going to get very far with it bolted to the ground.

⛳️ Chippewa masters away from home

A post shared by Windsor • Milwaukee (@trevormurphy8) on

Trevor Murphy hopefully no relation to Barb is uh...working on a portable mini golf system? Patent pending?


A post shared by Vlad Kamenev (@kamenev99) on

Vlad Kamenev is getting in some quality WWE viewing time.

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New dad Pontus Aberg is getting in some quality time with his daughter between trips to the big show. It can also be noted he has the cutest baby of all time.

A post shared by Pontus Åberg (@pontusaberg) on

You know I’m right.

Happy Saturday

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My new neighbor

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Marek Mazanec is roasting hogs and making questionable new friends. I’m not sure what’s going on here, but Milwaukee looks interesting.

Just a little practice for Saturday night…

A post shared by Milwaukee Admirals (@mkeadmirals) on

Yeah...interesting, that’s the weird uh...word.


Salomaki is looking to make his return to the Predators soon. Very soon.

He already has his, but you can get your own bobblehead of Juuse on March 11, courtesy of @usbank

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...and Juuse Saros and his bobbling counterpart are still exempt from the expansion draft.

Throwback Thursday

Congrats to Viktor Arvidsson, heading back up to The Show!

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Once upon a time the Predators played hockey games without Viktor Arvidsson. I know. Mind blown.