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Predators in the Wild: Besties Edition

Because even hockey players need best friends.

Nashville Predators v Los Angeles Kings Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

The bonds of friendship are a magical thing. Friends laugh together, they cry together, they eat and drink together, sometimes your friends even become your family.

When it comes to hockey there’s something wildly fascinating about the way team mates interact with each other on and off the ice. Months and years of training side by side fighting for one common goal, the Stanley Cup. It’s the ultimate bromance on ice skates.

All of that is fine and well, we all appreciate a good team work makes the dream work bond, but I’m here to talk about the greatest bond ever forged in history.

A man and his dog.

Or a hockey player and his dog if you will.

The Predators have no shortage of four-legged best friends. Most of them have their own social media accounts, and yes, they have more followers than you.

Ready for Game 7!!!!

A post shared by Nixon + Snoop ❤️ (@nixonandsnoop) on

James Neal has himself a dynamic duo with his pups Nixon and Snoop. They’re always there to support Neal and the rest of the team. Ride or die...

The best co-pilot ❤️

A post shared by Nixon + Snoop ❤️ (@nixonandsnoop) on


Kevin Fiala is maybe teaching this pup how to drive...

Miss this babygirl

A post shared by Kevin Fiala (@kevinfiala22) on

...we can all go ahead and hold Fiala personally responsible for adding to Nashville’s driving woes.

Everybody’s favorite uncle Tony Bitetto likes to take his fury sidekick kayaking. I’m going to assume Tony paddles and the pup gives all the navigation orders. Uncle Tone knows who the real boss is.

dads girl ☀️ - @prunkhund #10yearsdoglove

A post shared by June & Willow (@june_and_willow) on

Yannick Weber’s huskies are just trying to nap.

Sleepy mouse

A post shared by June & Willow (@june_and_willow) on

Possibly even hiding to get that perfect nap in.

Where could she be?

A post shared by June & Willow (@june_and_willow) on

Seriously... nap game so strong.

Tired after a long day of playing

A post shared by June & Willow (@june_and_willow) on

There’s one player who’s four-legged bestie defines the ultimate friendship between man and dog. You already know...

My boyyy

A post shared by Ryan Johansen (@ryanjohansen92) on

If Ryan Johansen and Doug don’t give you friendship goals, I don’t know what will. Doug isn’t only a canine companion, he’s a training partner....

Gotta keep those hands fresh

A post shared by Ryan Johansen (@ryanjohansen92) on

A co-pilot...

Almost home #creeperintheback

A post shared by Ryan Johansen (@ryanjohansen92) on

And he’s always down to ride.

"He better stop rolling up the window"

A post shared by Ryan Johansen (@ryanjohansen92) on

Just don’t ask him to help with laundry, he’s gonna sleep on that... literally.

What a legend hahahaha

A post shared by Ryan Johansen (@ryanjohansen92) on

Anyone else having friendship envy?

Flashback Friday

There was once a time, on a Predators team much different from today, where Roman Josi had a four legged best friend of another kind...

Special moments with my roommate

A post shared by Roman Josi (@rjosi90) on

That’s a sheep...but not a real one...

#Repost from @teeb91 Our new roomy @rjosi90

A post shared by Roman Josi (@rjosi90) on

...obviously. My first thought is someone get Roman a dog...

Ready for Christmas

A post shared by Roman Josi (@rjosi90) on

...but on second thought maybe not. This is the last photo evidence of Sheepie. Maybe he’s taking a break from the spotlight or maybe he’s on a weird custody rotation between Josi, Taylor Beck, Carter Hutton, and potentially Seth Jones? Hopefully he’s living well.