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Predators in the Wild: P.K. Edition

P.K. Subban’s off-ice adventures during his emotional return to Montreal.

When the Montreal Canadiens made a stop in Nashville in January, P.K. Subban was still recovering from injury and missed the meeting with his former team. Now almost nine months later Subban has returned to Montreal.

It’s kind of a big deal.

How big of a deal?

The Prime Minister of Canada is tweeting about it.

Subban might have a new address, but he will always be tied to the city of Montreal. When it comes to hockey you want your star players to eat, sleep, and breath your city. That’s fair, but when it comes to the likes of Subban, his personality and his humility span city limits.

With the launch of his new foundation the P.K. Subban Foundation, he can even bring his new friends to his old city to get in on the cause.

Proud to show my teammates the @lechildren - What a great visit!! #PKSF

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P.K.’s heart might just be big enough for both cities after all.


It’s been pretty quiet the last couple of days across the Preds social media. They’re busy winning games so we’ll let it slide. However it was only a matter of time before Colin Wilson’s teammates were going to have their fun.

The face you make when you have an empty net

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A reaction that is some combination of “look ma!”, “I can still score goals!”, and “please tell me they got that on video”. A reaction that even the captain had to caption.

Throwback Thursday

Throwback to the time P.K. Subban and newly acquired Predator P.A. Parenteau were teammates. Here’s hoping there’s a lot more of this going into the playoffs.