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Nashville Predators 1, Montreal Canadiens 2: No Room for Error

An emotional start and a heartbreaking finish. P.K. Subban’s return to Montreal ends in a loss.

NHL: Nashville Predators at Montreal Canadiens Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Are you crying?


How about now?

That was an emotional return for the former Canadien. Montreal and P.K. Subban have an emotional connection to each other that surpasses the game of hockey.

The Predators stood behind him with 100% support and showed the utmost respect for Montreal fans needing the chance to get their closure on the trade.

The Predators went up 1-0 nothing in the first period off a power play rocket from Ryan Ellis with an assist from the man of the hour Subban. Kevin Fiala was having himself a game. He was able to find a lot of scoring chances and really seemed to be stretching Carey Price to his limits.

As the second period got underway, the worst thing that could have happened, happened. Ellis goes down with an injury. An injury that found him unable to get off the ice without assistance, and then took three of his teammates to carry him to the tunnel. Ouch. That one stings.

Things got increasingly physical as the second period raged on. Montreal becoming visibly frustrated in the blink of an eye. For the most part, there were few penalties for the amount of post-whistle pushing and shoving going on. There were few penalties for most of the game considering who Montreal carries on their roster these days.

The Candiens couldn’t get anything done in the second period, Pekka Rinne stood tall against everything he faced, not that he faced much, less than 20 shots in two periods. Probably why Montreal was so snippy.

The Predators started the third with time remaining on the penalty kill, and managed to kill it off, even with mounting pressure from the Canadiens. This period started fast, Alexander Radulov was everywhere early. One can imagine he probably still feels some type of way about Nashville.

Brendan Gallagher ties it up with a quick wrap around goal that bounced off the skate of Matt Irwin and right by Rinne. It was Gallagher’s first goal since the end of December.

The Predators had a delayed penalty right after and Filip Forsberg just managed to hit the post on an open net before Nashville went on the power play. As the third period dwindled down it looked like this one would go to overtime until the wee seconds when an unfortunate turnover lead to a break away and a goal from Paul Byron. Ouch. That’s all she wrote for this one.

Nashville faces the Chicago Blackhawks at Bridgestone on Saturday.

Random Observations

  • The fact that P.K. Subban can play a professional ice hockey game after all that emotion is incredible. Did they have to zoom in on his tears? Are they trying to make us all blubbering messes?
  • Pekka Rinne robbed Andrew Shaw! Thanks Pekks!
  • Oy! That miss is going to haunt Fiala’s dreams.
  • Come on give us the Predators power play we deserve!
  • Ryan Ellis you never disappoint me!!!!
  • Subban with the assist, right in the feels.
  • Preds up 1-0 after the first. Not baaaad.
  • Rinne hasn’t faced many shots so far but he looks pretty solid tonight.
  • Nooooooo!!! Not Ellie!! Please don’t be hurt, please don’t be hurt, please don’t hurt.
  • Oh great he’s being carried off the ice, so we’re supposed to sob the entire game?
  • Andrew Shaw seems to be a lot less annoying in Montreal’s shade of red.
  • This game is getting physical. Montreal is frustrated something awful right now.
  • Cody McLeod visibily telling Jordie Benn to shut the bleep up is the lightheartedness this game needs right now.
  • Please someone tell me that Subban was just talking all kinds of mad smack to Radulov just then.
  • Pekka Rinne doesn’t have time for you Montreal! Keep it moving!
  • James Neal, out here trying to do something.
  • Less than half way through the third and reports say that Ryan Ellis is still being evaluated. Let us pray!
  • Viktor Arvidsson just doing Viktor Arvidsson things. If Montreal didn’t have Carey Price in goal that would have been two goals on one play from Arvy. Yeah...exactly.
  • With the dramatics this team has put on lately, we all knew they weren’t leaving this one 1-0.
  • Forseberg just hit the post on an open net.
  • With literally seconds left in this game that is not how you want to go out.
  • Ouch.

Super Duper Stars of the Game

  1. P.K. Subban: After an emotional return, P.K. nabbed himself the assist on the Ryan Ellis goal.
  2. Ryan Ellis: He had the lone Predators goal on a power play.
  3. Kevin Fiala: He had a lot of solid chances tonight. Just has to find a way to make them count.

Tweets of the Night

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