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Nashville Predators 3, New York Islanders 1: Saros Shines As Preds Continue To Roll

New York might be cold but the Islanders sported their 3rd jerseys trying to channel Los Angeles and maybe some sunshine, until the Preds steamrolled right over it.

Nashville Predators v New York Islanders Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Predators beat the Islanders 3-1 tonight, getting goals from Kevin Fiala, Viktor Arvidsson, and Ryan Johansen. Juuse Saros finished the night with 24 saves, putting together a nice bounce back performance from the loss in Carolina.

We don’t see the New York Islanders often during the season, and honestly there’s nothing to hate here. At least they’re not that other New York team that picked up that one guy that thought he was too good for Nashville.

The Isles gave it their best but the Predators are building momentum and steam rolling through the end of the season and it doesn’t look like they plan on stopping now. Let’s just roll the observations.

Random Observations

  • These third jerseys the Isles are wearing make them look like the Kings, I don’t dig it.
  • Colton Sissons is putting in work! He’s not trying to be a multiple game scratch ever again.
  • Craig Smith essentially missed an open net. Smith gonna Smith.
  • Uncle Tony Bietto getting some hometown love. Good for Uncle Tone!
  • That was some solid play from Josi and Neal to set-up that goal for Ellis.
  • Isles challenge for offsides because of course.
  • No goal, because of course.
  • Doug Weight laughing at the no goal call...rude.
  • Boom! Kevin Fiala gets the last laugh! Way to redeem yourself Kev!
  • Uncle Tone with the assist because he wants everyone to know he still skates these streets.
  • Preds to the PP.
  • Not much to show for it, but the Preds looked good on the PP.
  • That was a beautiful steal from Irwin at the blue line. Flawless really.
  • Ryan Johansen looks absolutely gnarly with that black eye.
  • Preds putting the pressure on to the wee seconds of the first. That’s what you wanna see. Every. second. counts.
  • Taking a penalty less than 30 seconds into the second period is not a good way to start the second period. I’m talking about the Islanders here obviously...but my how times have changed this season.
  • The Preds are showing a lot more movement on the power play, which is a huge upgrade from the set-up and pass to the point play they’ve been running forever. They may not have much to show for two power plays but at least they’re trying to switch it up.
  • Goal! Arvi! Arvi! Arvi!
  • The play is under review, because of course it is.
  • Goal stands because Arvi is perfect!
  • I’m not sure if Arvi knew he was doing that but that was a brilliant move to avoid the whole you can’t use your skate to put the puck in the net rule. Stick taps. Literally.
  • I’m not really sure what the point of trying to gang up on Fiala after that was. Now all of New York has to fight McLeod.
  • Tavares ringing the post loud and clear!
  • Puck bounces just past Saros. Tough break for the Little Bear.
  • P.K. Subban draws the penalty and the Preds will start the third on the power play.
  • I’m convinced the Preds will score on a power play tonight.
  • Is this the first time they’ve mentioned Andrew Ladd tonight? Is there no love for Ladd because he used to be a Blackhawk (x2)? Or did he just cut someone off on the LIE?
  • Saros just used his head to deflect the puck out of play. Whatever works.
  • Tavares trying to give Joey matching black eyes, and RyJo is not having it.
  • Tempers flaring. All the tempers.
  • Is playing “Enter Sandman” just ironic at this point or too late?
  • Joey with the empty-netter. That’s all she wrote. Off to Boston.

OTF’s Super Duper Stars of the Game

  1. Kevin Fiala - The kid has wheels, and I think he’s finally found his stride with the American game. Next season could finally be the season.
  2. Viktor Arvidsson - His goal was this close to being waved off, but luckily he managed to get his stick on the puck after it hit his skate. The goal would ultimately be the game winner.
  3. Juuse Saros - Saros has been great this season. He had some big saves tonight, and we all love to see him out there.

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