On The Forecheck NHL Bracket Challenge

Hey Preds fans and fellow OTFers,

The NHL is running their Bracket Challenge for the playoffs again this year and we've snagged On The Forecheck as our league name. Link to the Bracket Challenge League.

When filling out your bracket I encourage everyone to change their "Bracket Name" at the top to your screen name on here so we can razz you if you don't pick the Preds to go all the way. The NHL has encountered some technical difficulties with logging folks in and allowing them to navigate the Bracket Challenge webpage, so if at first you don't succeed maybe check back later.

We get the chance once per year to make this sign less confusing:

Stanley Cup Champion Nashville Predators

Let's do it Smashville!

PK Subban introduced to Smashville

Additional link to the Bracket Challenge League.

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