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Nashville Predators 5, Chicago Blackhawks 0: Another Rinne Shutout, Preds up 2-0

That was complete domination by the Preds. Wow.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Nashville Predators at Chicago Blackhawks Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Predators blew out the Blackhawks in Game 2 tonight. The final score was 5-0.

No, really. 5-0. It was a blowout. Wasn’t close. The Preds dominated.

Here’s how it happened.

Ryan Ellis scored with a little less than four minutes gone in the 1st period. A really nice passing sequence in the offensive zone led to two shots by Ellis, with the second one getting by both Viktor Arvidsson and Corey Crawford. The Preds continued to put pressure on the Hawks in the neutral zone, driving them back into their own end with regularity. The Preds led in both shots and goals after 20 minutes.

The 2nd period? So, so good.

The Predators were firing on all cylinders and the Hawks looked really frustrated. THe Preds got goals from Harry Zolnierczyk on a breakaway and Colton Sissons in front and it was 3-0. There was booing in the United Center and the Preds were rolling.

The 3rd period? Even better.

The Preds poured it on and absolutely stifled the Hawks in all three zones. They were beating them in every way possible. Rinne was stopping pucks, defenders were blocking shots, forwards were hitting—oh and they scored some goals. Ryan Johansen added a goal after Forsberg made a great play in the offensive zone. Then Kevin Fiala sniped one, for good measure.


Oh and by the way Pekka Rinne had his second consecutive shutout to. 120 minutes of hockey, not #OneGoal for the Hawks.

What a fantastic start to this series.

Random Observations

  • It’s hard to argue with Lavy going with the same lineup, but not going with Salomaki in a game where the Hawks are surely going to come out and try to hit you seems questionable. He must still be banged up.
  • Preds coming out like gang busters, boy howdy.
  • HUMAN. ROCKET. SHIP. Ryan Ellis scores on a slapper from the blue-line after his first goal was blocked.
  • Incredible start, the Preds go up 1-0 just four minutes into the game.
  • Loving the pace of the Preds attack right now. They are swarming, forechecking, passing well, and getting some nice looks on Crawford. This is what they look like when they play well.
  • Four straight periods of shutout hockey from Pekka Rinne.
  • A breakaway! It’s Harry Z! He scooooooooooooores!! (What a pass from Ekholm!!)
  • Hahaha Rinne with the assist. Amazing.
  • This place is quiet. A little too quiet.
  • So much speed out of the Nashville end. They are just burning em up and down the ice.
  • Late power play in the 2nd period after Kane tries to remove Harry Z’s head in front of the Nashville net.
  • Preds holding their own in this early 3rd period.
  • Bump that, they are trying to score again. They are pressing everywhere and look like they might.
  • THEY DO!! Forsberg makes a great play and Joey finishes. It’s 4-0!
  • This is excellent. Everything working well tonight.
  • Oh man, now Fiala scores. This is madness.
  • Rinne with two assists!! Haha.

OTF’s Super Duper Stars of the Game

  1. Pekka Rinne: 30 saves and two more points than the entire Blackhawks team in 120 minutes.
  2. Ryan Ellis: Nice early goal and he played well throughout. Really led the defense.
  3. Colton Sissons: That dirty goal was a beauty. This guy has worked hard to get to this point, nice to see him get on the board.

Tweets of the Night

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