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Nashville Predators 1, St Louis Blues 4: At Least the Pizza Will Be Better

A lackluster effort from a tired Nashville team and the Preds go home fourth in the Central.

NHL: Nashville Predators at St. Louis Blues Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The Predators started the game fast, drawing a penalty just 2:07 in and then gifted 1:04 with a two man advantage due to a poor penalty kill shift change by the Blues. However thanks to an incredibly uninspired “powerplay”, including inexplicably deploying three defensemen at the same time, the Blues snatched the momentum back with a quick even strength goal from Vladimir Tarasenko. Then Edmundson takes his second penalty of the game tripping Forsberg up on a sure chance and Perron gives a slash to Arvidsson after the whistle. After a minute and a half of really awful passing, Ellis decides to put it on net and Forsberg and Johansen manage to flip it in. Some more back and forth play to finish out the period, but it ends 1-1.

The second period began with the tail end of Cody McLeod’s interference penalty, but the Preds manage to kill the rest of it. The Blues re-take the lead less than a minute later on a Steen goal from Perron. Then Perron absolutely smokes P.K. Subban to give the Blues a 3-1 lead. Despite a couple more penalties, not much more going in the second frame.

The third period started with both teams at full strength, with the Predators firing on all cylinders. Steen tries a reverse check on Anthony Bitetto and gets called for a check to the head. That powerplay looks a lot better, but ultimately comes up empty. And then the Preds give up a two on one where Edmundson cashes in his own rebound, 4-1 Blues. Forsberg takes an interference penalty which the Preds manage to kill off, but the Preds can’t get anything going. Despite continuing to press, the game ends with Johansen’s powerplay goal the lone Predator’s marker.

Random Observations

  • Wait, why are there only two forwards out there for a 5-on-3?
  • And of course Tarasenko scores
  • And now a penalty from 2-Bit. At least they kill it off.
  • Another 5-on-3? Arvy sold it, but Perron was a complete idiot for trying that.
  • Thanks Perron. Decided not to wear a tinted visor today?
  • Tomorrow is the four year anniversary of the Forsberg trade. One day, it will be a state holiday.
  • McLeod can’t believe he got called for interfering on a player he blatantly interfered with. Or maybe it was a makeup call. Who can say, really?
  • Joey’s black eye looks a bit better in his intermission interview.
  • Nothing irritates me more than Willy saying to remember a save. That said, Saros has had a couple of dandies.
  • The Preds just need to shoot more. The Blues sticks are really hurting their passing game.
  • If we can’t win this game can someone punch Perron in the face?
  • Ok, this is the Preds 5th game in 7 days. I still don’t like not winning.
  • In Milwaukee news, Aberg is doing work down on the farm.
  • Oh hey, a timeout..remember yesterday?
  • No dice.
  • The Blues are interfering more than Minnesota.
  • I’d really like for the fourth line to give me a reason to watch the game while they’re on the ice.
  • I wonder how much of St Louis’ stellar save percentage has to do with them allowing zero high danger shots.
  • Wow, Ryan Ellis. Great stop on a breakaway without taking a penalty.
  • This game is just a lot of blergh. Not a whole lot going right.
  • This will be the first Preds loss where Ryan Johansen has scored a goal. I’m blaming Thomas Willis.
  • Still not time to panic...okay I’m not fooling anybody, panic is my default state.

OTF’s Super Duper Stars of the Game

  1. Ryan Ellis: the only defenseman not guilt of overpassing, he had a few decent looks and a spectacular defensive play.
  2. Filip Forsberg: he had a strong game and drew quite a lot of attention from the Blues.
  3. Myself and every one one of you: we watched the game.

Tweets of the Game

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