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LISTEN: Ryan Ellis joins the Power Play on NHL Network Radio

The Human Rocketship talks JOFA, Bridgestone, Rinne, and, of course, the sweep of the Blackhawks.

Nashville Predators v Chicago Blackhawks - Game One Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Predators defenseman Ryan Ellis joined Scott McLaughlin and Patrick O’Sullivan on the Power Play on NHL Network Radio (via Sirius XM) earlier today.

He talked about the series win over the Blackhawks, being a “huge fan” of Pekka Rinne, how Joey is “the brains” behind the JOFA line, and how much of an advantage it is playing in front of such supportive fans at Bridgestone Arena.

Give it a listen here:

Ellis also made a really interesting point about the series against Chicago two years ago. He talked about how losing two long overtime games in that series really taught them something about attacking the game, that “no matter what the score is, we should always go forward.” He mentioned that, in the series two years ago, they sort of sat back and waited for the game to come to them, which led to a couple of Blackhawks victories. Not the case this year.

Good stuff.