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Series Preview: Blues Goalies

Hey, that’s that one guy, we know that guy!

NHL: Nashville Predators at St. Louis Blues Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The second round series against the St. Louis Blues starts Wednesday night, so we’re doing a quick run-through of what the Blues have to offer. We covered the hulk-built defense and the versatile forwards earlier, now we’re looking at the netminders.

The Starter

The Nashville Predators and the St. Louis Blues have never met in the playoffs but Jake Allen saw plenty of the Predators during the regular season.

Allen started 4 out of 5 of the match-ups against Nashville this season and split them right down the middle with two wins and two losses. When Allen was good, he was great, when he was, it wasn’t pretty. Both losses ended in Allen being relieved.

Allen posted a SV% of .915 with a GAA of 2.42 during the regular season.

Then he strapped the rest of the Blues on his back and carried them through the first round against Minnesota.

Allen should expect the Preds to throw everything and the kitchen sink at him. Unless he breaks a leg, literally, he’s the Blues only hope at shutting down the Preds offense. Let’s face it, the chances of St. Louis playing their back-up is highly unlikely...

The Backup

Carter Hutton.

Yeah...that guy!

After losing his back-up spot with Nashville over the summer, nice guy Hutts became enemy number one about the same time he joked if you can’t beat them join them.

Hutton played 30 games this season, almost twice as many as he played for Nashville last year, and registered a SV% .913 with a GAA of 2.39. Needless to say he didn’t see any ice time in the first round, and unless Allen collapses under pressure, he probably won’t see any ice time against Nashville either.

At least there might be some color commentary to look forward to.

The Bottom Line

Jake Allen may have carried St. Louis past the Wild in the first round, but can he do it again? Nashville’s offense is hot, their defense is hot and if they come out swinging like they did in the first round, its going to be a brutal series for St. Louis.

If Nashville continues to crash the net, and the defense continues to drop bombs from the point, the Predators might just make history again.