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Nashville Predators 2, Anaheim Ducks 3 (OT): Perry’s OT Winner Ties The Series

The bad guys won. And the series is tied.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Anaheim Ducks at Nashville Predators Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Ducks ended the Predators 10 game winning streak at home in the playoffs with 3-2 overtime win. Other than the last few minutes of the 3rd period, it was pretty awful to watch.

First of all, the 1st period was the worst period the Preds have played in the playoffs (not that it got much better). The Preds only generated two shots on goal and allowed the Ducks to put 14 on Pekka Rinne, including a goal by Rickard Rakell. They had the energy, they had the speed, they had the hitting... they just weren’t taking care of the puck. Bad passes, turnovers, missed connections. It was ugly.

The 2nd period was a bit of a different story to start. The Preds came out in full force, piling on some actual shots on goal! Filip Forsberg had a nice chance early in the period when he made a nice move around Kevin Bieksa, but couldn’t tuck it past Gibson. But then Nick Ritchie shot a laser beam by Rinne and it was 2-0 Ducks.

Frustration set in and the Preds started taking more and more risks. The problem was that they weren’t risks that were leading to many good chances. Most of the offensive chances were either straight into Gibson’s pads or going the other way for a Ducks breakout.

The 3rd period? Pretty much the same. The Preds could not get out of their own way and the Ducks were extremely comfortable. Gibson didn’t have to do much, but he played very well.

But then some magic happened. When P.K. Subban scored with 6:27 remaining, you thought there was a chance. When the Preds had a 5-on-3 power play, you REALLY thought you had a chance, but then they blew that.

Finally, with less than a minute to play, the Preds tie it up. Viktor Arvidsson won the puck behind the net and curled it in front of the net, and Forsberg was there to stuff the puck home. With 34 seconds left. It was insane.

So the game went to overtime. Plenty of Preds had chances: Arvy, Fil, Ekholm, Josi, Joey... so many.

But it didn't happen. Corey Perry throws a puck at the net and it deflects into the net. Ducks win.

The Ducks snag home-ice advantage back from the Preds. With the series headed back to Anaheim for Game 5 on Saturday night, this was a massive win for the Ducks.

Backs against the wall. Will the Preds respond on Saturday?

Random Observations

  • P.A. Parenteau playing for the first time in the series. Not sure I like this.
  • Ducks have brought some pressure. They lead shots 5-1 early. The Preds have still countered well, just not getting anything solid on Gibson at the moment.
  • Lots of hitting and speed early.
  • Preds just can’t get anything going. Ducks are clogging up the ice and the Preds seem more focused on hitting than trying to score.
  • Rakell scores on a bad line change. He also beat Rinne bad on his blocker side, which has been a weakness of his forever.
  • No sustained puck possession at all.
  • Better start to this 2nd period. 7 SOG in the first 8 minutes, plus a lot more sustained presence in the OZ.
  • Hold off on the good feelings. Ritchie just scored and it’s 2-0.
  • So much chest logo.
  • Incredibly frustrating to watch this. Who turned off the fun??
  • Aberg has been involved in some decent chances. Maybe he can score?
  • I mean, they are getting some good chances, but the Ducks have a got dang force field up around Gibson.
  • OMG! P.K. Subban scores. A slapper from the blue-line. It’s 2-1. Hmmmmmmm.
  • Wow. A 5-on-3 and the Preds have a HUGE chance to tie it up. GIBSON’S FORWARD SHIELDS ARE DOWN TO 20%!!
  • (sad trombone)
  • Last chance...
  • I can’t overtime right now. I can’t.
  • ugghhhhh.
  • That sucked.

Super Duper Stars of the Game

  1. Filip Forsberg: Game tying goal and could have had many more.
  2. Pontus Aberg: Provided great pressure and was pretty consistent.
  3. P.K. Subban: Big goal to get the Preds within one.

Tweets of the Night

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