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Nashville Predators Tickets Have Reached Baller Status

NBA baller status that is...

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NHL: Stanley Cup Final-Nashville Predators at Pittsburgh Penguins Don Wright-USA TODAY Sports

Securing a ticket to a Nashville Predators home game this post season has been about as rare as Charlie finding that Golden Ticket to the Chocolate Factory. Ticket prices have been higher than average and the demand twice as high. You can read all about that emotional rollercoaster here.

According to information gathered by secondary marketplace TickPick tickets to a Predators home game have surpassed the NBA Finals in demand and price.

Secondary ticket marketplace, TickPick, just released its NBA and NHL Finals Ticket Reports, and right now the hottest ticket of all four competing teams is for Nashville — the lone team that did not participate in last year's Finals — which has an average ticket price of $2554. The Penguins, on the other hand, have the cheapest average ticket at $1270, with tonight’s Game 2 the cheapest ticket of the Stanley Cup Finals, averaging $473.15

Twenty five hundred and fifty-four dollars.

They’ve also provided a game-by-game breakdown for both the NHL Finals and the NBA Finals for comparison. also provided some comparisons from last year’s Penguins vs. Sharks Cup Final. Pittsburgh might be the defending champs but their tickets aren’t topping anyone’s wish list currently.

According to, the cheapest ticket listed has dropped from $230 to $190, marking a $40 (17%) decrease in the past 24 hours. Looking historically, this is also a major decrease from Game 2 of last year's Stanley Cup Final between the Penguins & Sharks, as tickets started at $250 (a 24% decrease year over year).

They also note that Predators fans have been taking advantage of Pittsburgh’s declining ticket prices. In-case you’re wondering why Catfish Guy made the trek just to be thrown out.

Pens fans may not be the only ones taking advantage of falling ticket prices. In some information from, it was more cost effective for Nashville fans to purchase a round trip flight & one night stay in Pittsburgh ($386) along with a Game 2 ticket ($386 +$190 = $576) than it was for them to purchase tickets for Game 3 or 4 at Bridgestone Arena ($902 minimum). And with 8 hours being deemed a drivable distance for the hardcore Preds fan, the Black & Yellow faithful may have to deal with some Gold & Navy both on the ice and in the stands tonight.

So, to recap: the Nashville Predators, a minuscule market in a niche sport, has ticket prices that beat out the defending Cup champs in Pittsburgh, the defending NBA champs in Cleveland, and the NBA champs from two years ago in Oakland.

Yo Lavar Ball...

... defend your sport.