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The Forecheck Podcast: Episode IX

The first Q&A session!

2017 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Five Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Marya and I took on some of your questions and comments. Hopefully we answered them with as much energy and enthusiasm as you typed them.

Included in today’s episode:

  • We prepared for the impending Game 6 doom and are praying to all the gods that Sidney Crosby doesn’t hoist the Cup in Bridgestone Arena.
  • You all had some HOTTT takes.
  • You also had some very reasonable questions and talking points. Seriously, they were great.
  • But those HOTTT takes!
  • Joe Thornton: future Nashville Predator?
  • We had some fun talking about UFAs, which kind of derailed us from answering questions, but hey, that happens I guess.
  • We admitted that we need to just continue to enjoy the ride, after realizing that it’s June 11th and there is still Nashville Predators hockey.

As always, we appreciate what you all bring to the community. Thanks for helping us make today’s episode. Enjoy!