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New Adidas Nashville Predators Uniforms to be Released June 20th

They’re really called “sweaters”, but you all do you.

2017 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Six Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Less than 24 hours after the conclusion of the Stanley Cup Final, Adidas made more than a few announcements.

While it was already announced that Adidas would usurp Reebok as the NHL’s sweater and retail sponsor, there was speculation as to which teams would be receiving new looks. This spring it was announced that 13 teams, including the Nashville Predators, would be receiving updated sweaters.

There was also significant speculation as to when the new sweaters would be released. While many pundits assumed that the home sweaters would be first shown during the NHL Entry Draft on June 23, Adidas left us with a little teaser yesterday alerting us that they will debut on June 20.

Shortly thereafter, a number of teams’ twitter accounts, including that of the Nashville Predators, provided their own teasers:

The good news is that the team is keeping their logo and main gold color scheme, which is both expected and excellent. However, there is not much else that can be derived from this teaser.

While the current and soon-to-be-former sweater has remnants from the Reebok Edge cookie-cutter design, it did have a lot of subtle yet terrific tributes to Nashville that made it one of the best sweaters in hockey. The piano keys in the collar, the guitar pick shoulder logo, the guitar strings through the numbers. Hopefully Adidas keeps a lot of those features that make the Predators’ sweaters so unique and also gives the Predators’ new sweaters a unique design rather than one manufactured for a number of teams.