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Thursday's Dump & Chase: Injured

The list of Predators injuries from their Stanley Cup Playoffs run was released yesterday. It's not pretty.

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Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Nashville Predators News

End of Season Updates: Injuries, Expansion Draft and Contracts -
My one wish is that we don't play games with Ryan Johansen's contract like the Blue Jackets did. Show him he's the bona fide #1 center he is and pay the man.

Nashville Plans Preds Party - NewsChannel 5 Nashville
Feels too much like a second place celebration if you ask me.

P.K. Subban invites controversy, but Predators will take it - The Tennessean
Laviolette calls Subban "Very coachable" in this article. Somewhere in northern Quebec, an unemployed Michel Therrien is screaming. However, he's a terrible coach who is unemployed, so nobody cares.

Around Hockey

2007 Re-draft: Patrick Kane of Blackhawks still No. 1 -
P.K. Subban is only 6th?? Get out of here

Ex-Wing Cleary caps playing career with Calder Cup - The Detroit News
He was still playing? Wow. I'll always remember him for his blazing speed.

Senators to introduce bill to prohibit teams from using municipal bonds to fund stadiums - ESPN
AN ESPN ARTICLE?!?! ...oh right, it's about American sports in general, not hockey. Got it. Carry on.

Ottawa Senators not bringing back fan favourite Chris Neil -
Mike Fisher's best friend from Ottawa is going to be a free agent...

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Karlsson undergoes surgery on left foot - TSN
And just think how good he was these playoffs with only one foot.