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Predators Release 2017-18 Preseason Schedule

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It may look familiar...

NHL: Nashville Predators at Tampa Bay Lightning Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Once again, the Nashville Predators will be playing six preseason games against the Florida Panthers, the Tampa Bay Lightning, and the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Here’s the full schedule:

-9/19 vs. Panthers (3:30 pm)

-9/19 vs. Panthers (7:00 pm)

-9/22 @ Lightning (6:30 pm)

-9/24 @ Blue Jackets (6:00 pm)

-9/28 vs. Blue Jackets (7:00 pm)

-9/30 vs. Lightning (7:00 pm)

Even if it's the same preseason schedule every year, it’s still nice to know that Preds hockey is only 2.5 months away!