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Nashville Predators 2017 Future Stars Game: Recap & Observations

Team Gold got the 7-4 win over Team White in the 2017 Future Stars game.

The Nashville Predators Future Stars game at Bridgestone Arena tonight saw Austin Watson’s Team Gold winning 7-4 in regulation over Kevin Fiala’s Team White. It was a fine evening, filled with plenty of offense, some impressive (but maybe inconsistent) skill, and a decent turnout from the Smashville faithful.

In the first half (the scrimmage consisted of two 25 minute halves), Team Gold jumped out to a early lead and didn’t look back. David Farrance had two goals and Team Gold led Team White 5-2 at halftime. There was one penalty and Team Gold’s Jason Salvaggio had the power play goal. Before halftime there was a quick shootout, and Patrick Harper, David Farrance, and Tyler Moy all had nifty goals.

In the second half, Team White charged back to make it a 6-4 game on goals by Rem Pitlick and Nathan Sucese. Soon Tyler Kelleher would get his second goal and make it 7-4. That was how it would end in regulation, with Team Gold getting the win.

There was a five minute 3-on-3, just for kicks. As expected, there were no goals, because overtime in Nashville is terrible.

After another brief shootout—where Salavaggio, Crone, Malone, Sucese, and Hughes all scored—the evening concluded.

It was a satisfying enough event for what it was. Getting to see some of the Preds’ future talent, even if in the context of a gimmicky scrimmage, is enjoyable.

Random Observations

  • The goalie roster for tonight is... lacking.
  • @OTFBryantFair ain’t lying. Patrick Harper is elusive. And a great puck-handler. Steve Sullivan-ish.
  • David Farrance scores first, but invitee Tyler Kelleher made the pass to set up the goal and it was a sweet one. Farrance had another goal a little bit later.
  • Victor Ejdsell had a bad turnover that led to a goal. He looked a little slow, too. Maybe just a bad game.
  • A 4-1 early lead by Team Gold and it looks like a rout is on the way.
  • Sam Girard looks fast and very comfortable. His team is getting owned, but he looks like he’s working hard.
  • Tyler Moy made some nice passes.
  • Dante Fabbro had a quiet first half and took a tumble early in the 2nd, but he seemed ok for the most part.
  • Tomas Vomacka was the best goalie on the ice, but that isn’t saying much.
  • It’s difficult to judge how these guys might manage against NHL talent. The goalies at development camp this week are suspect at best. Plus they played 4-on-4 tonight, so they had all the room in the world to maneuver with the puck.
  • Having said that, some guys looked more ready than others. Among the more heralded prospects, Harper, Girard, Farrance, Moy, and Mismash stood out. Among the invitees, Tyler Kelleher, Jason Salvaggio, and Nathan Sucese looked decent.
  • Victor Ejdsell was probably the biggest disappointment on the night. He just looks so slow. While it is really hard to judge this kind of an event, when you lack speed, it shows no matter what you are doing. He will need some time to develop.
  • 2017 first round pick Eeli Tolvanen had a goal, but it was a strange one. He ripped a wrist shot off the far post and it caromed in off a defender on the rebound. Still counts. He looked fine out there. He didn’t try to do too much and he took his shots when they were presented.
  • Here is David Farrance talking about Team Gold’s win and what it’s like to play in Bridgestone Arena: