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Pittsburgh Area Hockey Man With Awe-Inspiring Take On Preds’ Crowd Noise

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NHL: Stanley Cup Final-Pittsburgh Penguins at Nashville Predators Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

An otherwise boring article about Matt Murray took a turn for the crazy over at earlier today.

Here was Dan Kingerski, who I am assuming is a former bank manager at Citizens Bank in Turtle Creek judging by his Twitter avi, on how Bridgestone Arena is making the games so loud:

I’m convinced the Bridgestone Arena is using the PA to amp crowd noise. Facts–the arena plays warm-up and in-game music at 110-112dbs, as measured by my own device. At the height of the crowd mania in Game 4, I believe my radio trained ears heard the pops and cracks of over-modulation. Lastly, the sound levels are never shown in the arena, unlike every other arena in which I’ve covered games.

He’s got those damn radio ears, y’all! He can hear those cracks and pops for exactly what they are!

There’s more:

Why would the “record holder” not show the sound level? The loudest the sound meter (on my iPhone) hit was about 114dbs. 114 is a great number and the crowd is engaged for a full 60 minutes. People don’t leave 10 minutes early to hit the bars or beat traffic.

However, I believe I call “bunk” on the 130dbs claim, at least achieved organically. However, the Predators are welcome to prove it.

Care to share with us some shots of your sound levels? I mean, isn’t that exactly what you are claiming the Preds are doing? Claiming something without evidence?

Listen, Dan. Can I call you Dan?

Thanks, Dan.

Dan, you can call bunk on the 130 dbs claim. Only please realize that no one claimed the Preds reached 130 dbs at the games you attended. That claim was in reference to a number reached in Game 3 of the Western Conference Final against the Ducks—a game which you presumably weren’t at.

Unless, of course, you were using those super radio ears from all the way in PA, Dan.

No, in fact, the crowd noise has been a bit less than 130 dbs at these last two games, topping out at around 111. You can read all about it here in Mike Organ’s piece from the Tennessean. Most others were claiming the levels were around 104-106.

That’s the best part of your dumb article, Dan. Using your dumb iPhone, you more than likely over-estimated the decibel level that most people think was reached this weekend.

And as for your radio ears? It’s Music F***ing City, man. There are half-a-million radio ears in this place.