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Nashville Predators 0, Pittsburgh Penguins 6: Embarrassing Effort Leaves Preds On Brink Of Elimination

The Penguins will come into Bridgestone Arena on Sunday with a chance to win another Cup.

2017 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Five Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Predators lost Game 5 by many, many goals. It wasn’t even close. The Penguins came out on fire and never looked back.

It was as bad a start as you could have expected. Ryan Ellis took an early penalty and the Penguins scored on the power play. Justin Schultz snuck one through Pekka Rinne’s legs. And so it was 1-0, not even two minutes into the game. Then Bryan Rust scored a few minutes later on a wide open look in front of Rinne. Oh, and then Evgeni Malkin scored with 10 seconds left in the period, after a ridiculous call on P.K. Subban for getting drilled in the head a dozen times.

The Preds defense looked atrocious to start the game and the Penguins took advantage. It was 3-0 after 20 minutes, but it got much, much worse.

Juuse Saros came on in relief of Rinne to start the 2nd, but he didn’t fare much better. Bryan Rust scored to make it 4-0 and then Phil Kessel scored a little bit later. There was no relief from bad news either: Ryan Ellis appeared to have gotten injured in the 2nd period and didn’t return. The 2nd period would end, but not before Ron Hainsey scored to make it 6-0.

Honestly, the 3rd period was unwatchable. I mean, how do you watch a 6-0 game? About the only thing interesting that happened was the Swedish Civil War:

Look, a lot will be made of Sidney Crosby punching P.K. Subban’s head into the ice a bunch of times, but let’s be honest: that play didn’t change the game. The Preds were abysmal. They couldn’t do anything right.

The best we can hope for is that Ryan Ellis is ok and that the Preds can hold serve at home on Sunday.

Random Observations

  • Colin Wilson gets his first start of the Stanley Cup Final. Really need him to bring it from the 4th line.
  • Ok, so not a great start here. Can’t let them gain the zone that easy, can’t take that penalty, and can’t let Schultz have a shot directly on net from the blueline.
  • Ughhhhh this is awful. The Preds can’t do a damn thing right.
  • Rinne is rattled, defense is shaken, the forwards are too antsy.
  • I have absolutely no idea what just happened with that penalty call. Seriously. What the actual F***.
  • Tailspin. Divebomb. Flameout.
  • This is as bad a game as I’ve ever seen. Can’t do anything right.
  • The best news we could receive from this ass-spanking is that Ryan Ellis isn’t actually injured. Here’s to hoping.

OTF’s Super Duper Stars of the Game

Seriously? wtf no

Tweets of the Night

Game Extras

Game Video

There was no game video, it was all destroyed mysteriously.