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Reactions To A Wild Free Agency Day In Nashville

The OTF crew reacts to a very busy day for the Nashville Predators.

Colorado Avalanche v Nashville Predators Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

The Predators signed Nick Bonino to a four-year deal worth $16 million. What is your inital reaction to this and where do you think he will slot?

Chris: Surprising, albeit pleasantly. Center depth is no longer an issue. If Fisher returns, it's even deeper. If he doesn't, there's the replacement. Term wasn't awful, price was a little steep (but I chalk that up to the championship premium that players on Cup-winning teams tend to get). He slots in a as a 2C/3C, with that being matchup-dependent. All in all, a good get on day one.

Kate: I don't love it. It seems like Mike Fisher's probably gone, which makes Nick Bonino a definite upgrade over any of our other options on the roster/presumably in the pipeline at 2C, but it's a seriously underwhelming move. With "2C" being part of what Bonino was offered in his talks with Poile, that strongly suggests that this is about it for the center depth for the season--and maybe longer, given the term. I'm more bothered by the implications of the contract than I am by the signing itself.

Shaun: Admittedly, it seems a little strange to pick up a guy that played for the team that kept us from the Cup. However, it seemed to work out cap wise by dumping Wison. I think he will be solid contributor and will be especially beneficial is Fisher decides to retire. I was curious about how much I would actually like the guy considering his previous place of employment, but his savagery on Twitter today after a Penguins fan tried to troll him makes me like him all the better:

Bryan: When I first saw the list of UFAs for this offseason, Bonino stuck out to me. He brings more Stanley Cup Final experience to the team and has played behind two of the best centers in the game. I think he slides into the #2 C spot for our team, and although many people don't believe that he is capable of producing as a second liner, I believe that the experience of learning behind Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin will be beneficial for him moving forward with the Preds.

Marya: I'm okay with it. I don't think he's the offensive solution at center we're looking for, but the money is fine, considering the trade of Colin Wilson to Colorado. I don't think it's the key to getting the team over the hump, but it doesn't hurt either.

How do you feel about Scott Hartnell returning? BONUS: What is your favorite memory of Hartsy?

Alex: I'm pretty excited. It should be noted that we are getting a heavily used Scott Hartnell this time around and I would be shocked if he has anything more than a 4th line scoring role. For $1 million, this is extremely good buy. My favorite Hartnell moment is his first career playoff goal, back in 2004. Drove to the net on a breakout with Adam Hall and poked the deflection past Manny Legace. It gave the Preds a 3-1 lead and they would go on to win their first ever playoff game.

(goal is at 3:40)

Nick: Obviously it was a major plus that we picked him up for only $1 million. With that said, I don't see him as much more than a depth guy (or the 4C if/when Fish retires). Seeing as I was nine when he was traded to the Flyers, I don't actually have any memories of his first stint in Nashville.

Carson: I really like this pickup. It's a bigger bargain than the Louisiana Purchase, and I really feel like Scotty can have a quality year, especially if you are comparing him to the other options we have on the 4th line. Plus, this probably keeps penalty box landlord Cody McLeod out of the lineup, which we all can be happy about. I was but a wee lad when Hartnell played for the Preds, but I distinctly recall scoring a goal with Scotty in NHL 07 on the state-of-the-art Xbox 360.

Brooks: Hartnell at $1 million is a bargain, and is in a lot of ways the opposite of the Bonino signing. I would expect Hartnell to slot into a position where he could outperform the contract. Honestly, I best remember Hartnell getting destroyed in a fight with Red Wings defender Jiri Fischer and taking the beating from him like a champ.

Chris: Appreciate Columbus picking up the the bulk of the tab. Love having Hartsy back in the fold. Having someone who will willing go to the front of the net and get greasy goals could help both 5v5 and on the power play. My favorite memory was actually when he was in Philly, embracing the #HartnellDown hashtag and starting his foundation under that name.

Conspiracy theorists: what is with this Alexei Emelin trade? Does he stay in NSH? Is he part of a bigger plan?

Nick: I don't think anyone knows what GMDP has up his sleeves right now, but I don't think it involves Emelin playing any games as a Predator. I don't really know why the Avalanche or Oilers would have any interest in him, but if he's what they want for Duchene or RNH I'm not complaining.

Kate: This trade is mindboggling. Unless Montréal wants Emelin back I'm not sure who benefits, or how, or why Poile would trade for him in the first place. The third pairing isn't the issue; the forward depth is the issue. If the plan was to trade someone else, Emelin absolutely can't replace Josi's offense or Ekholm's defense and I'm not convinced he can replace Josi's defense or Ekholm's offense.

Shaun: I'm assuming there's a new rule coming that dictates the necessity of Russians on your team. For example: If the total number of Swedes on your team exceeds the total number of nationalities represented on your team, you must give up a first round draft pick at the next draft in order to appease His Majesty, the King of Sweden and prevent him from recalling his sons to the motherland. Either that or Poile will trade him later. The first option seems more fun; the second seems more realistic. All hail King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden!

Marya: Uncle Bob says he's staying, but I don't know where he's going to play. Will YWeber go back to being the 7th D and Emelin get reunited with Subban? He's just not better than any of the top four on the team already, and he's still pricey despite the salary retention.

Bryan: I think he could be a good part of our 3rd line D, however, I believe he will have a short stay in Nashville. I think GMDP is looking at Duchene and/or Alex Galchenyuk and trying to make a move. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is also an option as well. I'm excited to see what the rest of free agency and the offseason holds for this team.

In 10 words or less, describe David Poile's moves yesterday.

Alex: Poile went dumpster diving and didn't do half bad.

Nick: Appetizers. Bring on the main course.

Brooks: It was all part of the master plan.

Kate: Underwhelming.

Carson: It's been one day, can we all please chill out?

Shaun: Master of Puppets I'm pulling your striiiiiings!

Bryan: This is just the calm before the storm in Nashville.

Marya: Does Poile have a plan? We just don't know.

Chris: Decent start, but do you have Jaromir Jagr's number?

In 10 words or less, describe your lasting impression of Colin Wilson.

Alex: He was better than most of us thought he was.

Nick: Legend in the playoffs...where he won't be with Colorado.

Brooks: 7th overall pick that didn't really click.

Kate: He still deserved better than Colorado.

Carson: Playoff Colin Wilson is a Nashville legend. Besides that, meh.

Shaun: Playoff pressure prompted powerful performance. Previous performances purely perfunctory.

Bryan: Sadly will be known as, "Playoff Colin Wilson."

Chris: Mind-bogglingly inconsistent. But we'll always have Playoff Colin Wilson.

Marya: Surprisingly passionate about global warming. The hockey was eh.