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Nashville Predators 2016-17 Player Report Cards: Pekka Rinne

Pekka had a good season, right?

NHL: Stanley Cup Final-Pittsburgh Penguins at Nashville Predators Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

As we’ve done in the past, it’s time to evaluate the 2016-17 season on a player-by-player basis. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will grade each player’s contributions to the team this year, including some of their best and worst moments. Then we will give you the platform to give your take.

We’ve got a lot of players to include this year, as the Nashville Predators acquired and called-up many contributors this season. For no particular reason, we will go alphabetical, by last name.

Today: Pekka Rinne

Season Overview

After and up and down 2015-16 campaign, the Predators once again looked to Rinne to be the backbone of the team. With a not-so impressive performance in the World Cup of Hockey, Rinne left fans with uncertainty coming into the season.

We saw moments throughout the year that where Rinne was being his usual self, making unbelievable saves and then we saw the same Rinne that showed up in game 7 of the second round of the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs (Never Forget)

Stats courtesy of Hockey Reference

As the chart above shows, the Preds really leaned on Rinne, and when he wasn’t there, the Preds weren’t there either. On a brighter note, his save percentage didn’t change all that much on the road.

To my own surprise, he was actually worse during the second half of the season during Nashville’s sprint to the Finnish (see what I did there? Probably not as funny as I thought it was).

Now let’s talk about the playoffs (Grab your tissues, folks).

Courtesy of Hockey Reference

Statistically, Rinne had the best playoff run of his career. Despite the one round against the team that shall not be named, he was literally a wall built in front of the net. Also, it goes to show that three bad games in the playoffs can cost you a series, but at 34, having your best postseason performance should bring fans some hope for the aging net minder.

Best Moment of the Season

If I had to guess, I’d say everyone’s memory of Pekka Rinne from this past season would be of his performance against the Chicago Blackhawks, as it should be.

Courtesy of Hockey Reference

As you can see, Pekka was an absolute stallion in net during the first round of the playoffs, posting a .971 save percentage in the series.

That series will forever go down as four games that no Predators fan will ever forget.

Worst Moment of the Season

On the contrary to Pekka’s performance, his performance in the Stanley Cup Final was the sinking of the ship that had been going strong for over a month.

After three very strong rounds from Rinne, the Pittsburgh Penguins finally got to him. Rinne was only able to muster a .888 save percentage in the six game series, and a few unlucky goals were enough to end the Predators run for the Stanley Cup.

Trending Up or Down?

Rinne stayed pretty stagnant this season, so I’d say he stays neutral. Hopefully we will see Pekka in early playoff form next season.

Overall Grade: B-

After another season of up and down play, Rinne really pulled it together during the playoffs.


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