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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Come Together

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Everything seems to be coming together for the Preds making for some slow news days. I imagine all that will change once I get on this 4 hour flight across the country. Someone compile all the best Tweets for me while I’m off the grid.

NHL: Stanley Cup Final-Pittsburgh Penguins at Nashville Predators Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Hockey News & Notes

Predators expecting Fisher decision soon: report |
Personally I think the Captain’s got one more season left in him, but you can’t blame the guy if he decides to hang up his skates for good. He’s got a pretty good retirement life waiting for him.

Predators looking to add ice center in Williamson County | The Tennessean
The Predators organization is going to cover Middle Tennessee with ice in the next five years. Not a hockey town my right foot.

EA Sports rolls out NHL 18 closed beta, with a lot of 3-on-3 focus | ProHockeyTalk
I’m not a gamer but all the footage I’ve seen has looked pretty cool. For my gaming friends I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

Willie Desjardins to lead men's Olympic hockey team for Canada | NBC Olympics
Team Canada has a coach for the 2018 Winter Olympics. What the team will look like remains a mystery.

The 10 NHL Teams That Have Improved the Most in the 2017 Offseason | Bleacher Report
I hope for Dallas’s sake they really are the most improved. I don’t think they can afford another season like the one they just had.

Rangers lock up Zibanejad for next five years | NBC Sports
The New York Rangers signed Mika Zibanejad to a five-year deal, leading most to believe he’ll be their new 1C.

NHL Rumors: Latest Trade and Free-Agency Buzz as Offseason Continues | Bleacher Report
Well if you can’t be traded to a contending team might as well retire...

Canada would consider Doan, Iginla for 2018 Winter Olympics | ProHockeyTalk
...but it’s okay because you can still play in the 2018 Winter Olympics! I think teams made up of newly retired NHLers would be just as entertaining as thoroughly crafted teams.

Russian Olympic hockey player Zaripov banned for doping | FOX Sports
Between doping and the lack of NHL participation men’s Olympic hockey might be doomed.