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Thursday’s Dump & Chase: Storylines

You’d think with how little is going on during the summer, the hockey media would be less flighty, but you’d be wrong.

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NHL: Nashville Predators at Washington Capitals Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Down Goes Brown: Seven dropped NHL off-season storylines -
I chose to believe everyone stopped talking about Duchene because everyone got tired of it.

NHL teams’ unwillingness to use offer sheets on restricted free agents remains puzzling -
It isn't puzzling at all. They should do it more often, but it's not confusing why they don't.

Johnny Hockey: ‘I love Calgary, don’t get me wrong’ | ProHockeyTalk
Gaudreau made a comment in an interview about wanting to play in Philly and he's been doing damage control ever since. Canadians.

Connor McDavid: NHL's 2018 Winter Olympics decision 'disappointing' | USA Today
I'm still going to be watching the games, but they're going to be a farce.

Could Hobey Baker winner Will Butcher be an option for Blackhawks? | CSN Chicago
He's going to New York where the rest of them go.

The fantasy Hamilton: Artist renderings of projects that were supposed to happen - Hamilton - CBC News
This is only marginally related to hockey, but the arena the Preds theoretically may have gone to is included. Very interesting.

Coach Todd McLellan bullish on unusually stable Edmonton Oilers defence | Edmonton Journal
Well, I suppose that's an accurate way to describe them.

Streit's signing with Canadiens makes Markov's return less likely -
Markov hasn't yet sought out offers from other teams. Maybe he'll just retire?

Pierre-Luc Dubois’ 2016/17 Season a Cause for Concern | Buckeye State Hockey
He was a reach but I hope he's not going to be a bust.

Wild's Boudreau among owners of new Twin Cities junior hockey team -
I wonder how many players or coaches in the NHL own teams elsewhere.